Horde on Icebound today

Hmm… so I played Master Frenzy on Icebound today and something weird happened.

I noticed that after wave 8 we would only get a few enemies.

Eg on Wave 11 we had only 10 enemies in total and on wave 12 - 14 including bosses.

Is this some kind of a bug or glitch??

I’ve had that before too, but they tended to be high-value enemies like Scions etc.

The earliest waves - usually 1-4 on a Frenzy tend to feature the most enemies in terms of numbers, and sometimes the later ones can be in the region of 10-14 per wave. It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes it does.


Thanks for explanation!

It was the fist time I noticed.

Usually there are a lot more enemies at later waves. But you are correct, we had about 4 scions ( ice and mulcher) and rest some grenadiers, elite Therons and elite drones. The boss was a Snatcher.

I failed Icebound today on Master 1-50 I’m rather ashamed to admit! I worked so hard as Engineer keeping that game together with players leaving and joining. Then the inevitable Guardian/Sentinels wipes us on… drum roll, wave 45 yet again! I really do hate those things on wave 45!

I was so exhausted at the end of that game I didn’t have the energy to play it again. Maybe tomorrow…

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Some things you can’t control.

Rest tonight. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Horde needs some anti air builds. The current turrets don’t do enough to them

Embar turrets!

I played a public horde on icebound past week and it didn’t matter where the enemies died, the power spawned in the middle hut where the fabricator starts. Didn’t miss a single power drop for the entire match!

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Yes! It was a pity three players dropped out, two around wave 25 (Nomad and Infiltrator) and one on 35, (Pilot) of the original team (obviously too hard for them!) We ended with a low level Demo, Combat Medic and Jack but I was still confident we could complete the game as the fortifications I’d built were working really well and the maxed Marksman who started the game was doing a great job.

So it was frustrating to fail wave 45 when we’d got so far and I hate to fail! :smile:

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