Horde on Clocktower - base question

I know that usually people set up a base upstairs but curious if anyone played with a base set up at in the middle ( where boomshot usually spawns in PvP)?
Is it doable on Master?

It is. But if taps spawn I usually sit there with either Lahni or Lizzie to keep them safe and the rest of the team sets up base upstairs. Works pretty well.

Sitting there with the entire team isn’t a good idea though.


I did and it is doable. But you do need a really good team and it is really painful.
That setup is so open I still can’t fathom why anyone thought it is a good idea to have beginning tabs spawn there.

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Its doable, but you do need players to push up a bit though, there isn’t a lot of cover. You will also have to be careful for Drones on the left and right overlooking from Boltok spawns.

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I’ve never played with the set up like this so was curious.
I can’t imagine trying to do it with randoms though and my friends like to play it safe so they always go upstairs.
But as @HerrKatzchen mentioned. BM can definitely be there and protect the taps.

Lizzie actually works better imo since you can’t move away from that bridge without enemies spawning there again.
Put the Locker near the Boomshot/Car and sit behind the sandbags. 2 Barriers near the first car and you can also support both staircases with the Dropshot.
It’s actually insane how long Lizzie can survive on her own. I’ve held off a Wakaatu and Swarmak for an entire wave on that bridge until the rest of the team had killed the lackeys.

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Nice! I gotta try that.
I’m not a good Lizzie purely for lack of practice. I rarely play as Pilot. But I will try your strat.

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Ha same, I am actually trying to work on my pilot skills atm.

I don’t exactly see how she is very surviable though, beyond the Silverback I mean.
@HerrKatzchen Care to elaborate ?

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Stim / Healing Explosives / Bleeding Mulcher / Cold Finish / HAMMERZEIT

Get a Lv4 locker and keep hammering. Dropshot heals and stims you with every shot + 4 second stun with each shot that stacks on every enemy except Wakaatu.


Thanks gonna, give that a try. Never used healing explosives.

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SB is reserved for Flyers or Bosses, but you’re usually better off using the Dropshot.

I’m down to try for the challenge. If you need someone to join a team, lmk.


Will do!
I’m pretty sure with you as Lahni we can’t lose :smiley:

ADD- I’m working today until late but I’m thinking maybe tomorrow. Need to assemble the team.

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Which timezone? I could join if you don’t mind.

SB doesn’t like the Swarmak(seriously, TC genius who thought that ground waves that barely stagger players can one shot fortifications is a great idea, it’s not, and I hate it even more since the Silverback is considered a “fortification” in code, and don’t get me started on how stupid the Swarmak one shot rockets are). So that boss, I’d probably consider using Hammer to keep it stun locked until/if one of the back blisters gets shot off, then shoot off the blisters on the front(since I tend to use an SB build which makes use of two heavy weapons, I tend to take the Salvo as secondary which works great to get some of the blisters) with the ult.

You’re practically immune to the Wakaatu with it though, so there’s that. But how exactly does it handle Kestrels if you only have the SB Mulcher which doesn’t provide healing? I don’t think the area around the Boomshot spawn provides much cover from it and the miniguns shred through its health ridiculously quickly, assuming no teammates are assisting with it or have it distracted.

I obviously woudn’t recommend that strategy if you can’t rely on your team. Most bosses are better approached with stunlock or a mix of both imo.

But the Kestrel usually spawns in one of the 2 Spawn-areas and focus on your team instead.

I’m in US, East Coast. NY metropolitan area.
You are welcome to join. I’ll be sending invites and see if people are available.

I’m thinking around 2pm my time ( which is 18:00-19:00 your time?)

Sounds good. Just send an inv when you’re getting ready.

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Will do :+1:

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Clocktower is the one map I’d recommend skipping tap checks on. Non-exhaustive analysis of many many games shows that dropping the fab upstairs biases the taps to being upstairs.