Horde - nothing but garbage randoms

Had this team earlier today in Dam. Everyone in my team was re-up 18 and above and everyone was level 18 to.

The problem I have which is quite common, every time these garbage randoms show up to my game and they can’t even shoot, can’t even shoot to survive first 10 waves. As a host, I give everyone a chance in horde I don’t care if you are Fahz, Cole, Clayton, Marcus or even if it was Mac.

Apart from Jack, everyone else was garbage. Fahz couldn’t shoot to pull of a headshot and Lizzie surprised me compared to all of the players. She didn’t had freeze card on and top of that I hardly saw her going into the silverback. Talk about “being level 18 with high exp.”

My message is to everyone out there, please don’t play masters if you are not capable of pulling it of. And I don’t careless about your level/exp.

If you are struggling, then play lower difficulty. Simple fix.

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Unless they asked you to “please carry me” lol

As I suggested above, if you are high re-up with max cards. And if you can’t pull of a headshot then I can’t do anything about that.

On the other hand, if players send me message that they needed to be carried then I can help them. I can help anyone.

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I’ve found using global chat to offer help works more than you would think. Most people have no idea what they’re doing as there isn’t exactly a tutorial on how to play horde and how to play as particular characters.

I’ve had quite a few people be really grateful for it. Don’t be rude or sarcastic about helping, I usually say something like: “let me know if you want some pointers or tips on what to do on horde or which cards to use for the characters”

Unfortunately like most gears players, most won’t offer. They will just say noob, trash etc and wonder why things never improve.


Custom lobbies exist for a reason friend, expecting randoms to be top tier players is a fool’s errand.

Also if you were playing as JD was kinda expected for you to have way more kills than everybody else.


My issue is communication, too few people using a mic. The community is brave as hell sending messages but has no balls at all to use their voice. I’ve had a long absence from online gaming on xbox but hell it was never this bad. It’s the ones that stand there slashing your character, no comms at all and they expect me to understand what they want.

Lost a game tonight wave 20 because of no comms and Vasgar last night as no one was helping call out when and where they needed help. Still random lobbies are far better than they ever where in G3.

As much as I agree that the chat can be very useful. But according to the op those guys were garbage players overall. I mean I wasn’t in the game to see what it was like. Look at the stats. Fahz didn’t even get 2 million damage which says it all they were overall garbage players.

Looks like JD did everything with 23 mil damage. Maybe they didn’t have a chance to do anything or thought they didn’t need to.


Yus, second player has a huge amount of assists. So they probably started killing stuff, but then JD with his bombom came and stole the kill…

Do recognize this when playing with JD’s that love their bomboms, often it’s a waste of ammo to even start shooting something… Sucks spending time to kill a target and then when it’s 10% left JD will blast the area…

So for the topic starter, play as any other char and come back and post a screen cap with your score and see how you did :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah you’re basically the trash player for not carrying harder with JD, can you atleast make sure they get no kills? You’re letting them do too much damage as a JD player they’re probably embarrassed to play with you.


Thank you for this important PSA.

I. Hate. Mic. :roll_eyes:
Please use chat! :slightly_smiling_face:

While I have never played Master horde (Only Insane and below), as JD, I prefer not using the weaponized 4th of July. :sparkler:

Yeah, you can’t help most unfortunately. I initially missed the bit about it being master difficulty. Again, I mostly blame TC for allowing lower skilled and/or lower level carded players.

I think you should have to complete 50 waves (or 12 of frenzy) to progress to the next difficulty. For example, complete 50 waves of insane to play inconceivable and so on. The thing with this one is that way too many people get carried.

Card levels become too much of a bigger debate though as people could have all level 5 cards but they don’t use the “best” or " correct" cards for the higher difficulties.

To be fair though, if I was playing on master difficulty, as Fahz as the op mentioned it was set up on dam I would be getting lot of kills regardless how good JD is, technically speaking, Dam is perfectly set up for Fahz to get headshots.

The Del having over 5 million damage isn’t half bad seeing as he doesn’t have any damage bonus cards like Baird does but the Fahz not even doing 2 million is just absurd, I can easily get 4+ million a game sometimes around 6.

That is probably the case but it could also be that JD spammed the GL to heavy and the engineer built a wall covering the snipers sight. But sure players joining lobbies in a difficulty that far exceeds their skills happens daily. I feel the stealing of locker weapons and rearranging of the camp is a bigger issue though than someone not getting enough kills, at least when you have a JD in the game.

If you have a JD that uses all the slots in the WL it is difficult for other players to replenish their own weapons, saying that I have found that since the lockdown there have been a lot more randoms playing just to pass the time and not true gears enthusiasts

Both Lizzie and Fahz didn’t achieve above 2 mill damage. Either they were afk in some waves or they were garbage lol

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