Horde not being as good anymore

After playing quite a big of horde with some friends , i noticed we all got really bored of it within a week , when these same friends and i have played gears 3s horde for hours and hours on end. So what is wrong about gears 5s horde (in my opinion) Well for 1 the locked hero system is just annoying to most people , not only are you forced to play someone you dont want to be but you also are forced to use certain weapons that you might not even like (cough cough enforcer) and the overwatch cloned ultimate abilities not even being that interesting or useful.And also gears 5s horde just lacks variety in both enemies and the stuff you can build , you have the silverback in the bloody campaign why not include it in horde , same goes with the turrets , now all you got is just fences , sentries and weapon lockers with the rest being pretty much useless . Now for the enemies why not just add locust and lambent back to horde , you have the money and time to do it , and it will help making it alot less boring just fighting the same swarm drones or deebees.

I say this not out of hate but out of love and because i want horde to be better , TC if you are reading this, you had something special with horde in gears 3 and even 4 , dont change it but add onto it : no more restrictions to classes , let everyone build everything and buy all the weapons from the fabricator like in 4 and maybe add in the old enemies like locust and lambent for that much needed variety.

TC never made gow 3 it was epic games. It went down after TC brought the franchise.
I personally am starting to enjoy this version more now because the more I play its like gow 2.
I don’t play engie. Nor did I on gow4…so the lack of building doesn’t bother me.
Yeah the locked heroes are a pain but bottom line is if I don’t like a gun I’ll pick one up.
Lastly, the enemies at least there’s more of a variety than there was in gow 4. Plus I’m well happy sires are back. Gnasher sires at Halloween now please TC. That would be awesome.
But at the end of the day that’s all my opinion but everyone’s different.