Horde noob help

I like playing gunner but I have no idea what chain gun ammo gen is for. Is that a fortification or a usable player weapon

Any heavy weapon that you use regenerates its ammo.

Its pretty useful.

Minor correction, that particular perk only works for the Mulcher and Tri-Shot. Not for the Cryo, Buzzkill or Salvo. And it’s an improved version that regenerates ammo much faster than the regular ammo regen perk.


It’s only for the Trishot and Mulcher. Salvos, Cryos and Buzzsaw are unaffected.

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Thank you Kanyes very cool.

I dont use anything other than the mulcher and trishot so i figured it worked for the other weapons.

actual it does but at a ■■■■ rate i know the cryo connon very slowly regenerates…idk bout the salvo or buzzkill though but you want to stick with those 2 at most

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I was way overthinking it lol kinda what I figured but still I’m like well my torque isn’t regenerating :confused:

If you want to play a Torque Bow focused Gunner, you’ll just need a weapons locker. If you’re not going to use Mulcher/Trishot in your build, just ignore that perk altogether.

Gunner’s interesting in that there are a few different ways you can play it.

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Yeah the Gunner is probably the most versatile class in my opinion. You get buffs for so many weapons. The Torque and chainguns are the main ones, but broadly speaking any explosive weapon when coupled with Concussive Explosives can become useful within the required range 15 metres I think?); plus all heavy weapons work with Heavy Capacity so get extra ammo capacity which is useful to varying degrees (the Buzzkill is dogshite, but technically it gets a buff).

Ya maxed it out with I think the 80% mulched damage… oof pretty fun. Think I had 2 mil damage lol next had like 600k

I’ve never played it this way, but I’ve seen Gunners that just get a locker full of Salvos, push up really far in a lane, then just Salvo the ■■■■ out of everything and hold the lane by themselves. Considering the stun and AoE, it’s an effective strategy. And costs about the same as maxing the regen perk.

If it regenerated Salvos, Buzzkills or Cryo bullets it would be super busted. TC would patch that sh*t immediately lmao

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I can dream cant I? :joy:

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