Horde new buildings and ideas

I know we have ability but since no one uses the forge, can’t we replace them with a command post similar to Gears 3, where we can summon Deebee, level one trackers, level 2 Deebee, Level 3 Guardians and level 4 Kestrel support and if it’s indoor Onyx Guards with high HP, maybe more buildings like in Gears 4 where you ordered sniper and HOD. I like to see that in Horde, also manned turret from Gears 4 would be very useful.

Jack uses the forge a lot,

But I agree it’d be nice to see more buildings/fortifications, it’d be nice to get some moveable cover, level 1 will be a normal destructible cover that can be climbed over, level 2 more health and has barb wire/spikes on the outside can be climbed over, level 3 has improved health and has shock trap defenses cannot be climbed over, level 4 more health, cannot be mantled, shock trap defenses AND taking cover behind it will give a stim boost.

I wouldn’t mind the old Gears 3 top tier upgrade for decoys where they became onyx guards. But instead it becomes a shotgun DR1 or maybe a deadeye. Could be Robotic Expert exclusive card.


That’s a great idea, robotics expert exclusively its a perfect balance :v:

A Deadeye that benefited from the cards (precision repair and experimental weapons) would be cool and make the card useful.
Would need a max capacity though.

Had a thought. Have a max of 2 deebees avaliable with the card, but have it also increase decoy health by X, to make decoys worthwhile.

Just add an extra tab at the Fabricator to cover these new functions. I don’t see why a completely new fortification is needed.

Adding more cards and functions for Engi only might make them more attractive to some.
And Decoys stink at the moment.

Yes, but my question is why is a new fortification needed? Just add an extra tab to the Fabricator. Even if it’s only accessible to Engineers. There’s no need for another fortification just to access these kinds of special attacks/functions.

This is one of the most requested yet poorly thought out features/additions I think. As it currently stands, fortifications are already pretty dang powerful, so adding any more would be nuts I think. I like the idea of them adding more 'aesthetic" options to the fabricator, like I could build a banner (finally making the banner useful) or I could make a statue of Mac, etc. Stuff that wouldn’t be broken OP but would just be there for fun/creativity.

It might not need a completely new fortification for @Watery_shoe ‘s decoy upgrade idea, level 5 decoy for ’ Robotics expert’.

Something like moveable cover or a command center might need its own fortification…

Flavour, I suppose.
Things have all looked the same for a while.

This may help though.
Turning sentries into shepards that are immobile might be nice. Ya know, they aren’t as bulky.

Take into account power cost and difficulty…

Take into account taps and/or forge. As it currently stands most bases only need a few barriers, and like 3 weapon lockers, if you have an Engi on your team you can fabricate much much more and you make a fortress that is difficult for enemies to get through.

I joined a 1-50 lobby on Clocktower recently, it was two players that made it to wave 36, the Engi basically just sentry spammed and they had the Demo take out the bosses… That’s absurdly powerful and if you give more fabrication options it’ll just take more away from non Engi classes.

I’d love an anti air turret and then at the same time reduce the arc on normal turrets so they cannot shoot upwards as far.

I didn’t know you already knew the cost of these ‘unreleased fortifications’ we speak of…


I was being sarcastic, but my point is, they’re gonna be more expensive, especially if you add level ‘5’ to fortifications.

Yea, as I beg players to let me capture the taps before killing the last enemy or spend time relentlessly smelting, that’s what I want to see it spent on…banners.

How would it be useful?

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I’d like for a new voice emote to be released where characters can say “slow down”, “wait!” or something to that effect.


Now that would actually be useful, as I know sometimes players just need a reminder, although many are just thirsty for that kill… desperate to prove how good they are by tracking down that one Hunter.
Still, the one who would use the feature the most, Jack, still couldn’t emote anything.

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