Horde Needs Objectives


I have this idea, new , random objectives for Horde, like capture a zone, de/activate devices all over the map
kill specific targets within limited time
escort a player/bot to certain location
protect a marked player/bot within limited time
carry an object from pont A to point B, and you can’t run, you must walk, so other players must protect the carrier

this would make horde more fun and engaging

camp and shoot is ok the first times, it gets repetitive

Exactly like Mass Effect 3 mp

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I would love nothing more than escorting an AI while getting domed and bodied by 4 claws.


I like the idea of a random objective and getting some type of rewards for completely it. My only problem is getting gun down in harder difficulty. They need more unique enemies that dont just point and shoot. That ■■■■ get annoying.

Objective: SURVIVE

Secondary Objective; Power Boosts to Capture.

Tertiary Objective; Try to not play JD.

Fourth Objective; Come up with your own idk lol.


I’d be down for objectives.

Objectives like Gears 4 for bonus drops? I miss those.

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Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is going to attempt leaving their base for a bonus that might end up not worth it to protect a player having to move or carry something somewhere on the higher difficulties or when 2x damage kicks in on mid level difficulties. It’s simply suicidal. The only time I ever would see any of those done was if that “zone” was right by the base, or after the last enemy is left crawling around, rendering the idea of moving around during the wave effectively redundant because you do it only when there is absolutely no risk to the team.

Oh yeah, sure, I’m totally gonna escort that extremely stupid bot that walks out to the other side of the map after wave 30 in the middle of an Insane or higher match for a reward that may not even be needed at that point any longer.

Good luck trying to protect one of the stupid Horde bots from constantly suiciding itself if that was an objective that appeared. And do you want the “marked” player to basically do nothing for the entire wave because practically every single enemy will attack them to put them down instantly? No thanks.

If they were to bring the Gears 4 objectives back, that’d be fine(except for maybe the executions one or “Complete a wave in X amount of time” when you got Drone Elites camping the other side of the map like the most obnoxious pest). But some… or most… of your own ideas are simply not realistic with the ridiculous enemy balancing right now. Not intending to trash the ideas, but that’s just the state of Horde right now. Doesn’t incentivize moving around at all cause you’ll die as soon as you do anything but not hide in cover.


To me,the very definition of what horde should be is like in Gears 3,the defense of Anvil gate.Massive amount of enemies,having to fallback until you win or the horde crush you all.

Objectives just wouldn’t work well with the poison formula we currently have, particularly on higher levels.

Plus, anything that takes more time to complete the wave is a no go for me.

Classic horde with objectives…sure.

Gears 4 style ones could work, appearing on random waves:

  • Get 7 headshots
  • Nobody dies
  • Get X amount of kills with Y weapon type
  • Get 6 executions

Things like that would be fine. Give everyone some energy for completion, bonus xp and maybe drop some grenades or stim when they’re completed?
Escorting bots and things? Absolutely not. I’ve watched those A.I soldiers…


lol my first thought when I read OP post was this guy sounds like he’s played Mass Effect.

Mass Effect 3

there can be many new strategies, each characters’ skill are useful
no need to take more time
all these new objectives ca be done in higher difficulties

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