Horde mode, what the ef happened?

I know for sure Del, Fahz and Jack can build lockers. Del is the only one with a discount and the only one of them who can actually upgrade the lockers, as far as I have noticed.
Del also has a skill card that makes the locker reload the weapons faster. As in 4 on higher difficultys I think lockers is a big deal in horde, in 5 even on the lower difficultys. Unfortunately few seem to have recognized this matter.

Games is supposed to be challenging, would not be as much fun if I always made it to 50. Personally I like that I run out of ammo and that not everyone can build everything, even though it’s frustrating at times when everyone just runs around dont knowing what to do because they have not gotten a hold of how the new horde works.

I agree. Lack of ammo and suddenly you’re racing teammates to the spawned ammo boxes before the next wave starts. Gears 3 had the best horde experience hands down.


The engineer (Del) is the only one who can build and upgrade everything. I think one of the Halo-characters also can upgrade and has a repair tool. All the other characters can build two things, different from character to character (some has barrier and decoy, some has barrier and turret etc.).

If you want a stable base you will have to need someone playing as Del (building) and someone playing as Jack (helping out with the repair and bringing in the energy) .

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Yeah i’m finding horde very lacking… Yet, i’m kinda forced to do it if i want to get the Kait winter skin within that 7 day timeframe… Lackluster roster to pick from too.

3 month timeframe.

The timeframe you are mentioned is poorly displayed, but related to awards from versus rank and escape leaderboards.

This ain’t horde. I dunno what it is but it’s not horde. Look I’m an old school gearhead. I loathe pvp. I buy gears for the campaign and horde mode. Since it’s creation I’ve always played as Marcus and used a lancer. Even when they announced classes I was able to play as Marcus with a lancer and got to pick a class that fit my playstyle. Now in whatever this is I’m forced to play a character I don’t like, use a weapon I don’t want, and a class that doesn’t suit my playstyle. Yeah sounds like total fun to me. And I’m sure a soldier playing an engineer is awesome for the team. Oh wait a minute thanks to the changes there is no teamwork. Just a bunch of lone wolf Rambo types. Sounds like a blast. Smdh


Yeah you definitely seem to level up your characters way faster in Escape. I think my highest Horde character is 5, but I’m 9 with Keegan in Escape.


Yes, this certainly seems to not mesh with the marketing catch line of “play how YOU want to play,” which I heard TC say a lot…

This is very much a case of reducing choices not increasing options…

The power system with individual perks and team costs means that playing with randoms is not an option now… Everyone will horde power for their own use…

It’s a gimmick… Anything which makes people decide ‘my own need or for the team’s good’ is a fail, outside of a very well coordinated team, it’s always going to be ‘my own needs come first’


That other guy was wrong. The engineers can build everything, but everyone else (except for Kait) can build two things. Not everyone can build a weapon’s locker. I know Jack can, but not sure if there are any other non-engineers that can.

Why is Kait the only one who can’t build anything? Every other non-engineer can build two things, but she can’t build anything.

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Horde in Gears was me and my friends thing. I would put thousands of hours in that mode over the life of the game. I DO NOT LIKE THIS HORDE. It’s awful. I have played or attempted to play maybe a dozen matches. That experience along with what others have posted here has convinced me that I am done. This game is bad only the single player has been good everything else could be trashed and reworked as far as I am concerned. B3 in a couple days I may trade my copy of this game in towards in. I’m done.


TC is just Lazy as fuuck and dumb aswell not jsut straight copy the Horde Version from Gears of War 3 . Or why not just go a step further. And just make MAps only for Horde , which you only can play on Horde Mode. Just create Maps that are designed for Horde not those ■■■■■■■■ trash mapsfrom Gears 5 . I dont understand how Naive TC is. Its not that hard to implement Features from Gearsof war 3. Create MAps for Multipalyer and thats only playable there and Maps for Horde and they are only payable there. would be a win win situation but nooo TC is just lazy AF. Horde in GEars 3 was thew best horde in History and made me play it. Im more the Pvp guy but back in Gears 3 times. Horde was hella fun. I enjoyed it reall. But since Gears 4 horde is just straigt boring., Idk TC are Semi Professionals with no lifeblood.


Only certain classes can buy fabricator stuff Kait can’t buy anything,ever.

It’s the result of TC chasing the Overwatch crowd, where each character has to be unique and have an ultimate. A feature no-one asked for from a demographic that probably doesn’t have a whole lot of overlap with the Gears fanbase.

Not questioning the quality of Overwatch, just questioning the quality of features from it being implemented in Gears.


I honestly do not like how we are forced to play certain characters on top of a no duplicates rule.

And players still have to fight over ammunition which makes no sense. I get the idea is survival but you can have that aspect without giving us scrap for ammo especially when some non-boss enemies are bullet sponges.


In GEARS 3 you could start with almost 600 rounds and everyone can buy more rounds , in Gears 4 you could level the soldier class to have almost 1000 rounds , In this dumb game youre stuck to 410 rounds with two little boxes of ammo that could refill you up 100 rounds, not enough ammo, it just doesnt work a gears game like that.


If they dont fix this Ill stay on gears 4 or 3.


I’m right there with you honestly. Gears 4 Horde is pretty fun.

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The fact that it’s a 5 player mode, but only 2 Ammo boxes are available is disgusting. It’s not fun. Just frustrating.


I knew something was up because I keep running out of bullets. I tried the ammo regeneration perk but even at max level it only gives 1 bullet every few seconds


I’m not going to nitpick HORDE, but Gears 4 Horde was darn near perfect. I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with it in G5. Why mess with and over-complicate a winning formula? I’m still going to give it some time. There are some mechanics to it I like a lot, but I’m still of the opinion “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”