Horde mode, what the ef happened?

What the hell were they thinking?

Lets start off with something simple… ammo, This has got to be the first Gears game where i find myself constantly running out of ammo every round. Im a horde veteran and along with myself, my fellow horde players noticed this as well. This is not a survival horror mode, its a Shoot the hell outa everything mode.

Player choice with characters.
its gone, its that simple, spawn in with a character u like, and get stuck with the ■■■■■■ guns they give u with ef all ammo, yeh u can pick up other weapons, but why do that when the in game perk system rewards u only if u use those weapons?

Why cant i build anything i want? why cant i get any gun i want out of the fabricator? wheres the Turret? why does the ammo box only give me 100 rounds for an assault rifle? every game i notice people always run straight for the ammo boxes, sometimes waiting on them to spawn.

It just seems every time they try and innovate and make changes, they move away from what made horde so simple, yet so good;

Heaps of ammo, Heaps of enemy variety, player freedom and the ability to build an epic base.

One more thing, Maps.

Gears 3 clearly had maps designed for horde, and for mulitplayer vs. SandBar and Overpass are 2 of the standouts for horde is Gears 3. This needs to be addressed. Multiplayer Maps are trash for Horde mode.


I agree with everything you said especially the running outta ammo we’re literally fighting over ammo now…


Im glad im not the only one who noticed it. its ridiculous.


Definitely need way more ammo


Where’s the friken weapons locker??
Is there a list somewhere showing who can build what? I’m guessing engineer is the only one who can build most of the base items now?

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Anyone can build lockers, the problem is everyone receives power and can either upgrade their own perks or donate to the fabricator which of course no one does.

Without power it takes a long time to build the bare minimum.


I’ve yet to see them in the fab, does the fab need lvling 1st or something?

It doesnt level up, as an engineer I had to buy lv1 stuff at wave 50 and manually upgrade them.

As a sniper, I bought a locker on wave 17 because all the engineer did was buy barriers and sentries. That locker worth 4500 I payed for with my own power.

Agreed! Also seems the teamwork is highly lacking too. Everyone seems in it for themselves, hording the ammo boxes, hording the points for perks. Classes also seem redundant, specially scout and engineer since unless you have a group that’s working together, or in a party with friends, doesnt seem to matter who plays what role.

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Need2figure out what I’m missing, still couldn’t buy a locker on wave 30, still jus barricade or turret/shocker

Weapons lockers seem to take forever to fully load a weapon , don’t know if it’s just my imagination.


I don’t think everyone can build a locker. I play Kait and she definitely can’t, unless there’s some convoluted secret method I’m unaware of. I’ve seen JD, Del, Kat, and Jack build one, not sure about anyone else.

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Del and fahz can build lockers. They do not recharge very fast.

No they take about just over a wave to fully reload. That along with the lack of ammo. Seriously.


Lol in horde mode not only am I fighting over what character I want to play I am literally fighting over ammo spawns. This game isn’t Breath of the Wild. This game forces me to be desperate and constantly use guns dropped by enemies with very low ammunitions count and enemies with increased health.


So i think they were trying to make it more of a challenge and change it up a bit…which i salute…nothing wrong with a little change. BUT the changes ARE pretty extreme…What im wondering is do they have the ability to make severe changes? For example: its not problem to add ammo count and add Turrents back right? But can they change the game format allowing the character variant to change the way it was with the older HORDE modes ? I hope so, because if the game is stuck in the new design they have and it would mean and significant overhaul…that would blow…HORDE is pretty much my favorite mode with wings and brew :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m not sure if this was mentioned previously (Havent slept in like 23 hours and dont feel like reading all replies), but the XP gain in horde is absolute garbage (Leveling characters specifically). As i said in another post played 60-100 rounds total of horde and have a whole 5 levels to show for it on Jack, yet doing escape once with Kat gains 4 levels.


Spot on post.
Why not just port Horde 2.0 over ( I know they can’t btw )
How hard is it to get Horde so wrong. I’m no lover of 3.0 but it is head and shoulders above this latest version.


I don’t think everyone can build everything. I played as JD and the only things I could build were Sentries and Barriers. I could not level them up either. It’s a stupid system since if the Engineer quits then you can’t build all fortifications you need or level them up for higher waves. The not being able to buy any weapon in the Fabricator is also a bad choice. I don’t know what TC was thinking with all these changes. Now people quit even more.


The ammo situation is ridiculous.

Even if you get a weapons locker, it takes ages to refill and everyone is fighting over it due to how little ammo boxes give you in this horde.

I had to build 6 weapons lockers (all lv 2) the other day, to keep 3 players stocked up…