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Horde mode ultimate lasts forever...literally

So when I was playing horde earlier, I managed to get Marcus’s ultimate ability to last indefinitely. I’m not sure how just yet. The buff for other players in cover also stayed forever and headshots for everyone in front of me. I have captured a video of it. Replicating it hasn’t worked yet. Still trying to figure out how I did it. Anyone had this happen before?

I had it happen to me last night. I assumed it was connection issues

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It was very useful haha. It happened around wave 5 and lasted till 35 when we wiped

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I bet your headshot medal for Marcus is done haha


How exactly do you use his ability? I’m a bit confused by it. Just activate it and start shooting enemies correct?

Yeah. It also hits enemies in close proximity to the main one you’re aiming at. And blind fires over cover if I’m not mistaken

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