Horde mode team play

I’m not going to name the guy, but shout out to the robotics expert I was playing with who camped in a corner, grabbed all the ammo packs in between rounds despite the fact he built turrets around himself in said corner, hoarded all the energy, and refused to revive anyone. I hope you get stepped on by a swarmak

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Haha! How many rounds did you guys almost lose because of him?


Several lol. We were lucky that we had a really good jack and a medic. Which left me (blademaster) and the other guy (brawler) for damage

Were they the host? I’d have left purposely sabotaged the game just to spite them.

Or encouraged the actual host to kick them.

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Nah, he wasn’t the host. I sent the host a message telling him to kick him but he never replied. I made it to wave 40 before I couldn’t take anymore lol

In some ways it’s a bit bizarre how some randomers will tolerate the intolerable; and then the opposite end of the spectrum you get some of the whingiest control freak players who won’t start a game unless they have X-class and Y-class in the lobby.


Oh for sure. Those lobbies where they go 17+ or re up 60+, or no turrets are also a but insufferable. My situation I was just looking at the xp I need for my brawler, but it wasn’t worth it lol

That’s why playing with a 5 - man team you are more likely to avoid morons in your game and possibly get a win.

I know it sounds harsh, but if you can’t find a team, then you get what deserve from randoms…

Can safely say this was not me, I haven’t played RE in awhile lol. Although I am sorry for the people I’ve played with who had to experience me using Marksman Embar Build with no dmg cards. I had a video idea but decided I didn’t wanna do it.

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My favorite is “deposit or kick.”
Second favorite is “demo-tact-pilot-jack-engi”


Was I possibly the Jack? I just played a game where I stuck around with a brawler and had a dude playing Protector Class who sat at spawn.

That just sounds like pure torture both for the player and the team. At least, considering the EMBAR build even with all damage cards really isn’t all that good, on big enemies especially. In Horde, anyway.

It annoys the ■■■■ out of me when I join a lobby and we are filled with solid classes , only for the host to NOT start the game and NOT communicate what class is acceptable for them to start the match.

Last week I got kicked when I joined as a level 16 Gunner. Gunner has all his best cards by lv 16 and most of my cards were upgraded to level 5 or 6. I had already completed the daily as Gunner and it was an absolute monster. In any event I had to sent the host a message and tell him he was clueless.

I literally did less damage than Baird experimental weapons card. During x-ray it was fine but I wasn’t running parade either so it was a total mess lol. average of 2-4 kills in ultimate each.

Dang. That really sucks. Also, how did he get out of the turrets? Did he just take them down or?

I can imagine. Like, EMBAR with all the damage cards and maxed perks and it still takes like 6 shots to kill a single Scion with the 2x/2.5x health poison active(outside of X-Ray)? Blergh. I might accept that if the EMBAR had better ammo capacity but as it is that’s just a big joke.

Wouldn’t be such an issue if the freeze from Icy Precision was not senselessly ruined by the EMBAR stun. But since it is… can’t really recommend using the build outside of maybe a 50 run. Sure, it’s ok-ish for Drone enemies but even Lancer Guards and (Locust) Grenadier Elites take active two headshots to kill with the HP poison up, and three if the game decides the Swarm Grenadier Elite helmet completely absorbs the shot.

Kind of weird since the Longshot Marksman is so powerful no matter what but the EMBAR is subpar outside of the ult at best.

The biggie for me is thatcompared to the EMBAR in GOW4, it used to be much stronger. I actually preferred it to the Longshot despite the limited zoom, purely cos you could fire more quickly.


I got into an argument with someone when attempting to join a 50 wave horde on ritual as blademaster.

According to them, they knew BM was trash because they have played the game for 2 years and told me to go and play escape.

Luckily found another lobby… (Not many 50 wave lobbies available unless you want to play blood drive or overload).

My point is… There are so many bad players who are high re-up and have played the games since launch who can’t see beyond Del, Kait, JD x 2 and Jack (SMELT).


Well yes, but it having the same damage as the Longshot may be slightly overkill, given that you have the three shot mag with it compared to a single shot per reload with the Longshot. At least in Gears 5, given that the balance in 4 was generally even more towards the higher end of damage for classes and weapons. Of course, there’s the offset of not having the scope, but I personally never found the EMBAR to be that difficult to aim in the first place.

Either way, regardless of precedents set in Gears 4, my opinion is that the EMBAR is horrifically underpowered in 5, much like the Dropshot(and more limitedly the Torque Bow) was/were at launch. And I would still argue the Dropshot is barely worth using as a non-Pilot(or Tactician with Speed Loader) because some donkey thought it would be a good idea to give it random damage rolls.

Not surprised to be honest. I still get kicked as Blademaster every so often.

Having said that, I’ve seen more and more players using the melee classes in the last few months so I think there’s been a definite shift overall. The other day I played with a Striker on a 1-50 who was excellent. They were level 20 and were a high reup so it wasn’t just some slob who played as them as a means to an end to level them up (although they might have need cards) - they definitely knew what they were doing and finished with the highest damage dealt. They were the last player to join the lobby and the host didn’t question it or anything - they let them stay and play which was good. Our team was Blademaster, Striker, Mechanic, Marksman, and JACK. Sadly this knowledge hasn’t seeped into all players yet though.

Classic Dunning-Kruger Effect! But I guess no-one wants to believe that they are stupid. It’s just ironic that it’s typically the stupid people who believe that they’re smart; while the smart people know enough to recognise that despite their wealth of knowledge, they don’t know everything.

Playing the game for the last 2 years doesn’t mean a thing. Fact is, if it wasn’t for being a regular on these forums there would be so much that I wouldn’t know about the game - glitches, exploits, workarounds to get around glitches, how some cards work in tandem with each other (which the cards themselves won’t necessary say)… If they spent the last 2 years just playing Horde in a meta way, then all they’re going to know is the meta. I’m sure they’re a fantastic Demolitions or Veteran though! :smiley:

I’ve got some friends who’ve been playing the game extensively, but with the greatest respect to them, they don’t know half the stuff that gets discuss on these forums; and they’d still be playing meta-Horde if it wasn’t for me encouraging them not to. I still remember when I got them to play a no-JD Horde game, and it took ages to convince them that it was even possible! Nowadays they regularly leave out the Demolitions and are much more open to other classes.