Horde mode rant

I know I can’t be the only one to say this but why did they change horde to the dump that it is gears 4 horde took the right direction it felt great I wasn’t forced to play as a certain character if the whole squad wanted to be Marcus etc we could the skills stuck to characters is just dumb the way the fabricator works like why Do you have to be an engineer to make more than spikes and a decoy and the engineer is the only one who can upgrade things? Leveling up the fabricator made more sense to me don’t get me wrong I like the horde mode just not the characters or how the characters are set up I should say, they done really good in gears 4 why go and mess it up to what it is now and the way you choose how hard it is the first thing is if everyone dies the games over? That should’ve been the last thing to choose and I’m more of solo player with horde I like the challenge of being by my self and it’s hard to do that when all I got is a sniper and a shot gun because that’s the only way to have things worth anything in the fabricator.

Because TC seems to only want you to play the game their way or no way at all


Makes sense guess they’ll keep losing fans or the fans will continue to play the old games

TC just seems to make stupid decisions time and time again. Just look at the latest update. After most PvP were starting to be happy with the February update they did a 180 in the last update and changed everything again


I played one match of pvp after op3 started and other than the gnasher being what ever it is now and getting kicked for server issues I just said f it and don’t even touch pvp anymore I just wish we could go back to the gears 3 days when epic was making gears they knew exactly what we wanted and gave it to us

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I kind of agree with you but Epic was notorious for making steath changes and wanted to push people away from the gnasher. I don’t think the game would be any better if Epic stayed on the course they were going