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Horde Mode,punishment for quitters

I’m sick of trying to get a game of horde going,Everytime I try a find a game,everyone leaves because they can’t play there preferred character,like children moaning! Then you get stuck on the “loading map screen” and have to back out of the game all together to then have to restart the game all together! ITS A JOKE! People who quit horde early should be seriously punished with a complete game suspension for a few hours,or de-rank them,something to stop this same issue that happened in gears 4 that is now happening in gears 5. Ahhhhhhhhh,rant over😊

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to be honest this horde is just terrible, a huge step back after gears 4.

Don’t be angry at the players who quit, be angry at TC for screwing up how horde works now and how they are literally taking away “player choice” in this version of horde.

GOW 3 and 4 had it right, any character can be any class, and people STAYED more then not.

Punishing players for not liking the auto switch forcing them to be a character they do not want to play as is NOT the answer.


Yeah i’m gonna be angry at the people who quit.
They join horde knowing full well it takes atleast 2 hours to clear all 50 waves, so if you don’t intend to clear everything, you have no place being there.

Not to mention all those level 1s going into experienced or higher, just to quit at wave1 or before the game even starts the match…

We need serious penalties for these types of people, ban them from horde for a full 24hours.
Any further violations after this, 1 week. Etc.

You must be someone who does not have a life or does not “get bored” after a while as some clearly do which is why GOW 4 did 25 waves as a choice.

5 0 waves is way to long if you have a crappy team or don’t like the team you have, most will quit wave 21,31,41 if that happens or to many people leave.

If people quit so much, it’s because of problems with the game itself.

Are you guys playing auto match or custom match Horde? I would steer clear of auto match because it’s just AWFUL. If you find a custom match to your liking people usually stay for most if not all 50 waves. And if people do quit new people join shortly after.