Horde Mode matchmaking and game design is just horrible!

As a Canadian, I feel ashamed as TC is a Canadian gaming company to make such horrible design decisions. I expected better.

First off I have to fight other players on which character I want to main and level up, the game forces me to play as another character causing disagreements. I don’t want to play as DEl for example, I want to level up Kait, but someone else is playing as Kait, so I back away from the match. When I start off a match with but I get the character I want there are disagreements with another set of characters as players compete to play and level them up. I end up being the only one in horde mode as others have quit.

It’s a game design mess. I stopped playing with a friend recently because we wanted to play and level up the same character but we couldn’t.

Gears 5 ended a friendship, thanks TC.


Anyone with half a brain could’ve predicted this would happen. Even if said person had never seen the amount of quitters in gears 4 horde.

Its a bit extreme killing your friend and ending the friendship like that.

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