Horde mode is full of trolls

I am sick and tired of players in horde constantly NOT doing their roles and not respecting other people’s roles.

I’m the damn engineer so let me buy the stuff I have cost reduction but every god damn noob insists on wasting 2k on barriers at the start when I can buy them for 1k.

Then they also hoarde all the energy so they can buy a sentry at boss wave 10 only for it to be destroyed by the boss… GG well played thanks for wasting our energy.

Then I build turrets you know the manual ones? Yet no one ever uses em. The turrets are extremely strong yet players insist using a crappy shotgun to run upto the faces of enemys then get downed forcing us to then go out risk our lives to revive him. If we don’t revive him then he quits screwing us all over GG

Also why does everyone want to be a damn engineer? Every single game there’s always 4/5 engineers or 3/5 engineers. Why?

There are so many damn selfish players in this game it makes me sick. I’ve recently came back to gears of War 4 and in 4 weeks playing everyday I havent gotten past wave 10 because so many people quit and I refuse to play a game with just 2 or 3 people I want a full game damn it. Stop quitting.

They need to make it so only engineers can build upgrade repair or buy stuff and make it all locked for all players if there is an engineer on the team that way people can’t waste energy if no engineer then it’s a free for all anything goes.

Same for energy if a scout is on the team force it so only scout can pick up energy if no scout on team then its free for all.

Also make it so that all teams are forced to only have 1 role each and add a que system so when you que you can select what role you wana play.

It seems only way to have fun is to be a complete dictator and force people to play how they are ment to be played.

NO class should buy anything except engineer and NO class should pickup energy except scout.

The amount of absolute morons in this game is astounding.

Horde mode is not just shoot and do what you want its a team game so let me do my job of repairing and building and stop buying stuff for the love of God STOP BUYING STUFF!!!

Especially them morons who horde energy just to waste it on 5k for a repair tool when I already have a repair tool because I’m an engineer and I have fully upgraded repair tool efficency.

My god… 4 damn weeks everyday not a single damn horde game past wave 10 because morons who are not the engineer keep buying stuff…

Damn horde mode is annoying

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I’d assume the only people playing Gears 4 are people who downloaded it off game pass and don’t really know what’s going on.

But the things you just described also happen with reup 50 players in Gears 5. So maybe its the general playerbase lacking lol



Ah crap, didn’t see the tag.

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It sounded like you were talking gears 5. Your complaints are legit for G5 but the only difference is no one wants to engie in this game.

I didnt play G4 because i had no one to play with and i didn’t understand how to play.

I don’t see where the confusion comes from with which Horde it is because Gears 5 does not have buildable manned turrets available in the fabricator, nor does it have a “Scout” class that picks up power for the team to get a bonus(very glad they got rid of that stupid nonsense) on deposited power.

This sort of player stupidity was present throughout Gears 4 regardless of when you played it in its lifecycle, even on the highest difficulties. I know that for sure since I spent most of my time actually playing it rather than doing brain destroying speedruns.


People build turrets all the time on G5 and they are absolutely trash and are a waste of power early. When i see someone ■■■■■■■■ about turrets it brings me memories of 50% of the matches I play on G5. Also people building fortifications and wasting power applies.

Turret ≠ sentry. You’re referring to sentries in Gears 5. And I meant the comment generally. Plus, people wasting power on unnecessary forts or building when there is an engineer is an issue in both games.


Agree with first, but in G5 scout has no extra benefits when picking energy, or depositing it, so anyone can pick it.

The OP is talking about GOW4…

If you want to have continued success in Horde then you need to get a squad together. It might be a bit more difficult finding players who continue to play 4’s horde though.


Wasting ur time sadly. Eng roles were wrecked by open box instead we get spam frags and carpet bomb BS. A good game erecked thru bad design and idiot players

The greatest investment I made in Gears of War 4 Horde was an $18.00 wireless USB keyboard plugged into my Xbox, and the reason for that is the ability to type on screen to communicate to your team. Also using a mic in game helps as well. But don’t give up hope because there are good random Fellow Gears out there. Best of luck to ya.


We were playing daily, lower this time when Diablo is out, but since it is in this state right now, maybe we will get back to it. So more players are welcome, but me and my boys are playing a certain way, witch many players find themselves getting destroyed.
So if you like challenge, no hiding behind sentries and pressing one button for strikes like a simpleton, you are welcome to ping me on live, or basically anybody.

So you are probably playing with lockers and decoys?
That’s how my fiends and I played g4 horde.

Lockers yes, decoys, not so much, depends on the team and game. We are mostly playing Horde Mania or any other hard 25 variant, even if it is shorter, the amount of enemies per wave are way bigger, more challenging and fun and that 30 seconds in 50 waves are killing me, so we rather play 2-4 games of 25.