HORDE mode is die

way you kill horde in gears 5 way you kill fahz with stupide cards

you must re up FAHZ with cards like gears 4 fahz must be strang then that . 20% dammage longshoot ? hope to ADD MAGIC BULLET this is FAHZ …

Horde mode is live!

Fahz on a Longshot build is arguably the most skill intensive character in the game. If like me you miss about 50% of your shots, you may want to go with Tri-Shots for him instead.

With well trained aim he is very very powerful.

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I’m trying to decipher this ancient scrawl, but it’s written in a language I’ve never encountered.

I’ve yet to try out Fahz, but I’ve heard good things about him now on a Longshot max crit build if you’re up to the task.