Horde mode is back to 50 waves(Good luck finishing it)

So hordes back to 50 waves,i was luckly if i could finish a 25 waves game,(On Gow4)heck i thought TC came out with the 25 waver because so few could get 5 players to finish a 50 waver.I think TC needs to add maybe a 10/20/25 wave option,so you give players a chance of finishing with a full team.

I’ve managed to do a couple of 50 waves no issue. Apart from the server disconnect which seems a little more stable, but not quite there yet. The main problem is people just up and leave beacause IMO they don’t like the new system or don’t understand it and I understand that, but I personally think this is still as fun as 4. I would like a 25 Horde since sometimes the matches do go on for a good 2 hours and sometimes I may only have time for a shorter game.


25 waves will make its return. Just silly how they didnt incorporate it right away instead of waiting


We just glitched out at 44.
Befire that 42.
Happy days