Horde mode ideas/ GOLF

So, I been playing Gears 5, awesome game despite of the aim assist, wonky servers and whatever people complaining about, which I do agree there’s a ■■■■ ton of work to be done. I feel that Horde mode needs more pizzaz.

Why not introduce back the command center from Gears of war 3 and the perks from Gears of war 4. You can summon HOD, Sniper or boomshot, but why not summon DB bots? Like protector, DB, Deadeye, Bastion, Guardians and Trackers and maybe Kestrel. If you could call in reinforcements in story mode, why not have it in Horde mode. It entirely makes sense considering they our allies again beside of being infested by leech and the whole “Oh they went Rouge, lost contact” Del and Kait, and Jack can also repair DB as well. Perhaps even bring back the Silverback. It was in the campaign. Also Leech can turn thr DB into reject, stump, enemy bastion, etc. That’s just my idea, hopefully they see this post ;~;

Also, make a golf Playlist! Sure there’s custom lobby. Why not make a real Playlist. GOLF stands for

Gnasher only, Longshot and fast respawns. Score up to 30, 2 rounds to win the match. Just a two cent ideas c:

Oh damn, I thought this was related to the actual game of golf because I like to play Golf myself.