Horde mode gripes

It’s been out long enough for people to know what’s going on by now.

Build jack a forge. Build some defences. Build jd a 4x locker for his gl. Build kate a 4x locker for her overkill. And success will follow.

Stop putting some useless junk on the lockers which causes delays and arguments between rounds. Stop moving dels stuff. Most people are playing to build up their cards and characters and want to actually win so why not just win.


Agreed on most but one.

Stop moving Del’s stuff.

I’ve seen some Del’s put the fabricators way in the back. I’ve moved it up closer so the enemy stops spawning at our sides. They can’t spawn within a certain distance of the fabricator. On maps such as Asylum I can force them to either spawn on the tracks or the other side of the map. I see people putting it way back in the corner and they spawn all around us.


Yea. Every game in pubs where a Del player joins. Even if there is already a Jack in the game, will always build a Sentry before anything else. This needs to stop. I think ill do a Del guide next for players to use. But yes agree with your message completely.

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Sounds like a good idea after your JD guide. I too see Dels/Kats buying sentry guns at like wave 4. We don’t even have a forge or a weapons locker yet. Not even power taps. We can’t afford the upkeep on those things that early.

If my friend is anything to go by. He plays engineer and loves that he racks up like 20 plus kills with his turrets. N on harder difficulties we always end up dying cos we get overrun. I actually play with random now cos it just gets irritating.

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Anytime I try to play as JD or Kait or anyone besides engineer there’s a 50/50 chance I regret my decision because the engineer is a newb.

I play sniper,I want my 4x locker for embars.

Agreed. Ideally there is an egineer. Jack and kait, fahz and jd each with their own personal locker. Tbh I have yet to understand what the tank roles are for as they seem to go down like everyone else…

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For when we want a chainsaw. That’s about it.

There is no Tank and Scout. They are both DPS, as well

Yea I hate not getting a locker as JD. My wife runs Kate so I haven’t really used her at all over kill is the way to go huh? stock up like crazy on them I’m assuming? As for Fahz Embar over longshot? I haven’t liked the emabr much this game but hes not got the embar cards yet either.

ok, as requested. Del guide is up :slight_smile:

I think the embar has a slight edge since it can kill downed drones if the execution rule is active and it can go through multiple targets. Though how often will that happen?

I feel it goes Markza>Embar>Longshot.

All are inferior to the one shot. I miss that gun :frowning:

I would agree with this. The Embar defiantly feels better when you level Fahz. But it feels so weak early on.

I use the Embar because I lvled up Kat and she starts with that instead of the overkill. As an engineer id rather not get close to my targets.

I usually play Del and my Brother plays Jack… We shift the Fabricator to “somewhere” and then between us save for a Forge which is the first thing that goes down - nothing else gets built until the first tap pops and then move the Fabricator and Forge closer to the tap. Level 1 fortifications to try and keep the area clear, + couple of turrets at logical choke points, then couple of lockers. At this point its a balance of upgrading forge & lockers and adding in just more volume of lvl 1 turrets and upping the fortifications (now a days I stop at level 2 as I prefer to get the energy into “offensive defense” (ie turrets and lockers). By now second Tap will have popped, hopefully close enough to expand base around it. More level 2 fortifications to bring it in, continue with more lvl one turrets but not too silly as they do get in the way of folk moving around the base . As waves continue keep pushing up weapons locker and forge upgrades (forge to lvl 4 as fast as logically possible if your Jack has the smelting cards). Then by level 30 start upgrading turrets, find the ones with best kill rates and they get upgraded first, By level 40 forge and lockers are maxed, majority of turrets are lvl 3 and some are 4… and there is starting to be excess energy in the pot. At this point its start to get all turrets at lvl 4 and start dropping level one decoys and level one fortifications “out front” of the kill zones where they slow down incoming who take huge damage from the turrets. Most of Dels job is now reloading turrets and Jack is dropping things in the forge and occasional battle field medic

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linky please :slight_smile:

Need Kait’s guide for horde, now, please!

I can’t even complete a horde match

Hey man if you and your brother run that typically we will have to game together sometime. I have been running JD lately , Fahz close second. My wife and I usually run she plays kait. We swap sometimes to me jack her kat like you and your brother do. Add me or send me a message and we can get together and run sometime!

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