Horde mode, fortifications. New player needs help

Hey , so this my first Gears game and love the hode mode. Is there any “go to” guides or streamers people would recommend?

I enjoy playing Del and setting up fortifications, keeping turrets stocked up etc, I tend to place turrets round spawn zones to thin out enemy waves, to defend the tap and generally create kill zones . I don’t tend to defend the fabricator. I’d also like any advice on build order whens best to build.

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Add me x2ezx funda

Build a few weapons lockers before spamming too many turrets, with only 2ammo boxes on maps people NEED them, and ONLY YOU can build them. That also allow players to keep the big guns through rounds, really helpful for wave35+

Also remember to upgrade them lol

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Get a friend that plays jack and make him build a forge and keep feeding random weapons into it. It’s pretty much the only reliable way to have a constant source of power to rebuild and build new fortifications as long as the Jack deposits.

Always setup base between the 1st 2 power taps for consistent power

You dont need players for this - completely solo, all power and kills are yours. Fabricator other end turned sideways half way down the entrance with 2 barriers long ways after it, at the other end (Picture) a sentry upgraded to level 2 and 2-3 barriers turned sideways…sit back an watch the magic happen. Top up the sentry and repair the barriers, run out for power in between.

Start on Wave 31 to 39 and repeat.

Should be about 30k power for this method , s**t load of kills