Horde Mode for Swarm

Look it’s about time for The Swarm to get their own horde mode now or something similar, with the new characters for the swarm it gives a good amount of choice to pick from. Yes I’m aware it’ll take some time to make and get working but playing only COG is also getting boring, new stuff here and there is great in all but more choices is needed.

Some could have similar ults to the COG to make it easier to design and then come back to give proper skills needed or not. I’ve been making this suggestion on Facebook for sometime now and everyone is in full agreement for this swarm like horde mode, so I want to see it happen maybe for Operation 4 or sooner? Gives more than enough time to get it going.

So I doubt any Devs will actually look at this, hell even respond to it but it’s worth a shot to try.


You are describing Beast mode from Gears 3.


This is exactly what I’m thinking about during the next boring horde race in Gears 5 =(

Well isn’t it obvious that I want it back. Like I said it’s so limited right now just playing only COG more to use.
And Griffin needs to come back too not only just Gear 4 but 5 as well.

No it wasn’t obvious

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