Horde Mode doing it Solo

I just conquerered Horde on Experienced. Hard to get my team together consistently.

On days I can’t get everyone together, I’d like to give Horde solo a try.
I can’t cannot figure out which map is shown in the link on another post. See link below. Can someone help out?

And why does the poster say “Start on Wave 31 to 39 and repeat.”???

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It’s to get the Kills/Power/Damage medals for TOD. It’s just a way to farm it all so you can get them faster.

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You happen to know the map?

Asylum. It’s underneath the stairs in that little tunnel.


Excellent! Thank you!

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That was my post mate, just completed 1 million power using that method.

Wave 31-39 gives you all the cash you need for the setup, you can go 31-50 if you wanted. Any lower you’ll be using level 2 barriers and repairing them often. I have infact modified this setup even further and made it better now.

The level 3 barrier trick, you cannot possibly get a better solo setup than this on any map, proven to go all 50 solo with minimal issues.


So I’m not clear with the method or strategy here. My intent was to see if I can get 1 thru 50 without dying. Has 1 thru 50 been achieved with your setup? The furthest I’ve gone is 1 thru 25 without dying with this map location.

It seems from your original post is to start at level 31-39 for ToD medals?

If u go solo u can’t go 50 waves with level 3 barriers, u don’t get hardly enough energy to build 1 barrier let alone level 3 barriers as the bots don’t deposit energy

He’s referring to a trick you can do with level 3 barriers. It blocks the enemy and also mean that the barriers don’t take damage.

Yeah, i was in a game where someone did it but it wasn’t wave 1, u cant get level 3 barriers at wave 1, it takes a few waves b4 u can get level 3 barriers as u don’t get enough energy, especially on solo, its a good glitch or whatever it is though

Ah, so the intent was never to go 1 thru 50 without dying. A true 50 Solo completion. The true intent was to get ToD medals.

What’s the trick to the level 3 barriers? Can’t father anything from the screen capture.

There’s YouTube videos covering it in more detail. I suspect it will be patched at some point.

Basically when you build a fortification they appear in a light blue colour to indicate that it is in a valid location to be deployed; and in red when it’s invalid (e.g.: if it’s overlapping or too close to another object).

However you can still place a fortification when it’s red - it just won’t do anything so it’s like it’s not even there.

However level 3 barriers are different and are glitched so that enemies can’t walk through them. Equally they take no damage as they’re no properly deployed, although the lasers still open and close when you get too close.

Level 3 barriers need to be placed so that one end (by end, I mean the two end posts whete the lasers come out of) overlaps with another object, then you place another level 3 barrier so that the end also overlaps with the 1st one and so on. They can only be placed like this so that both end posts are close together, you will need more barriers to cover the same space and at level 3, but the flipside is that they are invincible and impassable as long as you don’t walk too close and open the barrier.

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On Asylum, the barrier trick is least likely to work unless you happen to get the correct adversaries. On the level 35 Mini-boss wave, I was trapped with all these stumps flying all around me. One basically guarding each exit/entrance. No ammo. Tough spot.