Horde mod in gears 5

Hi, my question might be stupid but in gears 5 there is a way to ■■■■■ VOTE for a horde map more than a total “random” Having Avalanche 5time in a row. At least a way to choose 5 map we totally not want to see or anything like this ?

There is a Server Browser, so even if you can’t vote for a map you’ll still be able to host one yourself and have it be publicly joinable.

We can do that in GoW 4 ? If yes how ? 0-0

Your question was for Gears 5, Gears 5 will have a Server Browser. Gears 4 does not.

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That’s why i asked if it was possible in GoW 4 aswell :smiley: but thank you mate ! :heart:

A server browser has been asked for since gears 1. This is SOOO welcome.

No for 4,

Yes for 5 :+1:

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