Horde medals that would be fun to be added

Get Coup De Grace by winning a chainsaw match.
Coup De Grace on the very last level of 50/12/25 etc.
Winning the level by being DBNO and detonating a grenade killing the last enemy.
Ricocheting a Dropshot charge that kills the last enemy on the map.
Getting two or more headshots with one Embar slug

Any other fun ideas? Stuff that made you laugh in Horde that you wouldn’t think possible but happened and you think it should be immortalised as a medal?

DBNO bombing the last enemy on the last wave while being the last man standing.

The odds of these happening are so small probably only you can do these. Have to be realistic.

Did you play operation 2? Go see the medals that were there and then see if you could do them.

Nope, missed 2.
I thought of another pvp demented one.
Shoot the flying head of an executed enemy when they use the longshot baseball bat execute.
Either that or bat said head on to various obstacles on different maps.

Complete a master level Horde map with random players. 1000 G’s

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Definitely worth 1000 Gs

Complete any hive Solo on Master is a medal/achievement that ive wanted to see for awhile. For the people that say its too hard they can just do double reject spawn on The Clock.

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Or The Link. That’s pretty easy using any of the classes with shotgun buffs. But achievements need to be tailored to the general population and I can see this going down like a lead balloon.

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Mwanwhile, the Versus achievements for 100,000 kills and 100 million damage exist. Those definitelt are not “general population” achievements. Hell I’d say the Seriously achievements would limitedly also qualify as such.

I remember in Gears 4 there was an achievement for getting 10 supers with the longshot ,which isnt that hard, but people moaned about it and it was lowered to 2 lol

Pretty sure people had an issue with it because it was limited to Versus only or something. But I can’t really speak to it because of not playing enough Versus to actually get any good at using the Longshot in that mode. Except for against the coop vs AI bots which isn’t strictly PvP anyway.


It was versus only. Even then hitting someone while they are rolling is way easier to do than hitting them while they are bouncing or strafing. If they roll they are locked into the animation but if they’re bouncing theres no way to tell where they’re going to go next so you cant anticipate the shot.

Why can’t we have a special effect on our name like “RelaxingKoty” (in yellow shine color showing the top 1% Enemies kills per minute in)

Deep red color effect on “The End Mastery - Top 1% Mastery Run”

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Why? Because it would kinda be pointless, if you ask me. Some players may get a lot of kills from playing offensive classes a lot while a support player can have equal value to the team but be killing less, overall. I could make the point for other stats as well. Like you mention hive masters but a player may just have been carried through it a lot of times.

And I don’t see how you’d fit it in with the scoreboard, that isn’t really something you should give too much meaning to, unless it’s plainly obvious the rest of the team isn’t being very good.

And I would prefer if it stayed as it is now and just displayed the names, no fancy “Look at me” stuff for them. Reups and their icons are enough, and also equally meaningless at that.

But we’re too late discussing these type of things.

Those effects are optional to use.