Horde matches kicking

Anyone know why I keep getting kicked when I am in a horde match? Happens in public and private matches. This just started about 2 weeks ago.

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Exactly the same for me. Started then and is still persisting. I stopped playing a couple days after it started and just tried again. Same thing and it still hasnt been patched. Ridiculous

Yesterday there was some big trouble with finding customs and getting kicked but other than that I´ve not experienced anything like that. I´ve heard other players though say that since before christmas they have had big issues with glitches, being kicked etc.

I’ve got to correct myself here. Just logged in to horde but was getting kicked. I also had issues with the sound coming and going.

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Hyper this is the only game i have audio problems with constantly…affecting both game and chat sound…released a broken game…their trying to fix it as a work in progress…criminal🤔

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Yeah, some months ago I could not get any sound in my headphones while playing 5. Thought of new headphones, bought new controller but eventually I realized that it must be the game.
Have not had that problem for a while but yesterday sound was coming and going, without using headphones.

True that a game should be working on release. It is just a little to much not working at the moment and we are several months since release.

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Bad internet connection or OP kicked you to make room for friends or didn’t like how you were playing with the rest of the team. One of those.

None of the above play with the same people since gears 4. Don’t have any problems with other games I play.

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This has been an ongoing issue as far as I can tell.

Every 2-3 days a horde match will kick me randomly.

It seems to happen more frequently if the match contains duplicate characters via a join-in, however, that is not necessary for a random kick to happen.

This has even occurred for me as the host, and almost mostly as such.

Sorry, I do not have a solution or direct cause, but know that your issue isn’t isolated.

It is one of the above. The Xbox Live connection is shoddy. Most of the time it’s a lag out.

Ok now I can’t even start before it kicks me before the 1st wave starts. It had gotten better but last 3 days I can join a lobby start the match and I’m out before you can set down the fabricator. The message is I either lost connection to the game or lost connection with gears of war services. But I can still talk to people in my party. This doesn’t happen with versus or escape. I just don’t get what is going on.