Horde Matches Kick You for 30 Minutes of Idling Cumulatively

So apparently Horde games, even private custom games, automatically end and kicks everyone if cumulatively the group pause the game for more than 30 minutes for “idling”. It just happened to me and some friends, and one of them said that it’s happened before to them as well. 3 out of 5 of us got a message at the end saying that we were kicked for “idling” (even though the host had paused) - the other 2 team mates just got frozen and eventually ended back on the title screen with no message.

We had to pause multiple times cos a team mate got disconnected multiple times and we stopped to allow him to rejoin, then toward the end we stopped for a toilet break and the game just booted us all.

Can anyone confirm this? Anyone experience the same thing?

Given that most Horde games on higher difficulties take 3 hours+, and the state of the servers and disconnections surely players should be allowed to pause as much as they frigging want?


That’s pretty damn shocking!
Also unacceptable tbh

Wonder if it’s a server thing or hardcoded into gears

Please shine a lil light on this, or possibly investigate a bug?

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But seriously, don’t derail this. I’m curious whether TC have really programmed this 30 minute threshold into Horde before it kicks everyone from the game.


Don’t worry. I’m done here Pep.

I do hope your issue gets resolved. Now pardon me as I find more ways to cause mischief


This was a thing since gears 4, if I recall correctly.

It should be bumped to an hour, IMHO.
Also, if the host quits, please just migrate the “host” to another player, rather than ending the whole game.

So frustrating


So why would this timer not go down when you actively contribute to the match and only go up when you are actually properly AFK? And why does it count when the game is damn paused?

30mins seems to be the afk limit in custom lobbies also. After that you’ll get kicked

Yep this has happened to me several times. Had to pause to have dinner and when I got back had the same message as you, even when i was the host.

Once when I joined a custom the team died just as i joined and then I got a message tha I was being kicked for idling, it did not prevent me from joining a new game though.
I think that when you are hosting a custom game and play with all friends pausing could be legit if everyone is in on it, but pausing a custom when other public players have joined is not okay if you ask me.

When talking about idling I hope they will find some way to kick players not actively taking part in the game. Dont know how this could be done but maybe through damage done and assist score etc. If you get 0 on everything for say 10 waves you should get kicked.

If they were serious about kicking, they could 1 minute timer. Then expect to see a lot more players leaving.

A one minute timer is too short. Go to the bathroom and get kicked.

Exactly. No AFK players allowed. And that’s the shortest time I can think of. People can take toilet breaks before match. It ain’t gonna happen anyway.

Honestly I prefer players leaving before players camping any day of the week. At least that gives the opportunity for someone else to join, hopefully someone who is actually gonna play the game.

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Actually during all the years of playing horde the times that I’ve really had to go to the bathroom during an ongoing horde game can be counted on one hand and is related to extensive beer consumtion.

Why someone would have to leave to go make dinner is beyond my comprehension and just a great example of bad planning.

All I was saying in my post was that only allowing for a one minute timer is far too short for Horde. Not allowing someone to relieve themselves if the need arises in a 2+ hour mode would be stupid.

And just because you don’t doesn’t mean no one else goes to the bathroom during a Horde match. Drinking cold water tends to have that effect as your body has a harder time taking it up.

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Well, cooking and eating dinner is a bit much personally, but regardless if it’s a private custom game then I agree and think it should be an indefinite length of time and agreed amongst the team.

My regular group always have a 10 minute break in the middle for toilet, snack, cigarettes etc. This was just an anomaly as one of the guys kept getting disconnected and we wanted to wait and give them a chance to get back into the game.

I don’t start matches if I know we’ll be having dinner soon and if I’m told that when I’ve already committed to one I’ll not stay in it when I have to go and instead free up the spot for another player to join in. Even if quitting the match doesn’t feel entirely right, and probably is not, it still is the better option than to AFK around in the spot of someone who could contribute.

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