Horde maps are still a joke

Security- relic-security- relic- impact dark - security- dawn - security. Come on really thIs is a joke our map rotations are even worse then before.


The reason why dlc maps are the same maps but different time settings is because TC is busy making gears of war 5 during gears 4 run time. To be fair the season pass gives you a 20% xp and credit after every end of horde/verses match but I still feel like my money for the season pass went down to the toilet. Hopefully TC can maintain better DLC model in gears 5. I hope they don’t have this mentally of worrying about making new games and leave a whole lot of problems that can’t be fix in gears 5 and future installment of the gears franchise.

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Apparently at least 2 maps have been taken off the roatation completely simply because VS players were complaining about them.

TC said they would like to fix it but can’t do anything about, curiously they did it for several months without a problem (here is the proof: https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/gearsofwar4/maps), plus they removed several maps from public standard Horde BUT they had no trouble at all in using removed maps for the Tracker Ball event (Checkout and another one I can’t remember right now).

Only plausible explanation for me is that the guy in charge of map rotation was fired and he was the only one who knew how to do it.

That’s no excuse for them to not be able to have map rotation. Especially since people are still supporting this game by continuing to play or paying for gear packs.


They make new achievements but can’t add maps back into a rotation who really believes that.