Horde map selection

Any chance of removing either Avalanche or Raven down from the horde lobbies please as they aren’t really suitable for five players.After about20waves theres only the engineer and scout with anything to do,i’d much rather see gridlock or speyer in one of their places.

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Come again?

I think what he is saying that the scout is picking up the power and engi has sentries and shock sentries built so no one else really need to do anything


I’d just like TC to put Gridlock ,War machine and Speyer back in public rotation.


I’d like raven down removed from horde full stop personally I hate that map as soon as I see it come up. I used to enjoy speyer though. I got a couple of incon achievements on that map.

Your asking a bit much there, TC can’t work miracles.

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Why not ALL maps, right?

Whoever doesn’t like one, quit.

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I’ve honestly never understood that point

I get it on some VS maps that have certain ring locations or weapon spawns for certain modes

But in essence horde is much like campaign. Enemy’s generally always spawn in the same locations but with just RNG added in to spawn random enemy’s.

Also you can play Horde on any map in private so it’s not like horde maps aren’t available.

Touché, I play only public.

I know you do as do I.

Only time I ever play private horde is playing solo

That’s my reference tho. I can select any of the 24 maps in private but can’t in a public as they aren’t available.

You can try LFG post.

You gotta communicate, though. People mostly don’t know nor want to play without a mic.

Oh I know.

But your missing the meaning of my posts. All 24 maps are in rotation for private horde but not public.

I’d rather see all Maps in rotation but Avalanche and Raven Down is doable and can fit five players fighting.
The Engineer just doesn’t need to have full on Sentries to replace the teammates.

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So the other day you placed sentries for fun?

That’s exactly the point.

Why keep all maps for private only?

It’s just a matter of learning how to horde each one, if that’s a problem for anyone.

Which day?
The time when us two left, they might’ve been needed.
If way before that, my playstyle hadn’t adjusted to prefer less Sentries.

Raven down (when they all quit).

Those four Shock Sentries helped to pass Wave 50.
I had more intention to get it completed after everyone left halfway through.

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It annoys me that Gridlock and Lift have been banned from horde for some reason. I could never see anything wrong with them and found them to be very playable maps. I have completed 50 waves multiple times on those maps as well as the other ones taken out of rotation and never ran into game breaking or glitch or any problems to suggest that the maps should be out of rotation.

As for OP. I just dashboard anytime I see Avalanche because its always deploy the fab in spawn or in the piano room and sentries for days. Its very rare I see anyone play from the balcony or even stay for the full 50 at that location. I would honestly prefer girdlock or orginal Lift in its place.

If you find good players on avalanche, suggest to play outside.

Sometimes works.