Horde map rotation?

How does map rotation work in GoW4? With the base game I really started enjoying the public horde. So, I went ahead and bought the season pass. But, whenever I search for a public horde match, all I get is base maps. All I ever play horde on is harbor haze, slab and reclaimed. Its been a month since I bought the season pass and not even once I have played a public horde match on new maps. Anybody else seeing this issue?

The Season Pass “ONLY” gives you the benefit of playing those maps on private, everyone can get ALL maps (unless they were banned from public Horde like Gridlock, Lift, Checkout, Speyer and Old Town) while playing public games. Aside from private games you get the “map owned bonus” and that’s it.

As for Horde Map Rotation… pretty sure TC don’t have a clue what it actually means, it worked fine last year while new maps were introduced but after that we get 4-5 maps that will show up most of the time and after 3 weeks or so we’ll get another set of 4-5 maps that we will get most of the time, rinse and repeat. After spamming the developers stream for some time their response was “we can’t do any more major changes to the game”.

Any solution? sure, just play the game for a few days every 3 weeks.


But the rotation keeps things fresh… /s

Change “can’t” by “don’t want to”.


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Exactly. I’m sick of hearing those ridiculous “can’t” responses…

Give me a break TC. We weren’t born yesterday

Woah, wait a minute those maps are banned from rotation? Why? Since when.
Can anybody get me a link to a thread/stream where this was mentioned I’d quite like to know why old town and speyer aren’t in rotation as those are two of my absolute favourites.

As for gridlock I’m 100% sure I found a public match on that maybe 3 weeks back?
Everybody left bfore 1st wave started though.

I’ve been playing Horde for over a year now and I have never seen those maps on public horde, not even once. To the “maps banned from horde question” TC_Octus said that they didn’t play well in horde, whatever that means (I played Gridlock and Lift in private games and everything was fine).

If you want an official answer in a live stream I suggest you watch the stream this thursday and spam the chat until you get an answer.

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Checkout I can kind of accept, although I’d argue it can’t be that much worse than raven down.

But Old Town and gridlock are tried and tested.
Lift is mostly only cosmetically different to lift apex which is in rotation.
I call ■■■■■■■■ on that TC, if they don’t work well on horde after years of testing in gow 3 then you have screwed it up.

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Those maps were kicked from HORDE.

I tried once searching this info on that what’s up section. Never found, though.

If you actually found the map on public, post an evidence here.

I understand that that they have been kicked from horde, I want to know if there is any explanation why.

As I said it was like 3 weeks ago, everybody left before the first wave, just quit the second the game started, I have no proof, I don’t take screenshots of that, my dvr would be rammed with the amount of insta quit teams I get paired with in horde. I’m sure it was a 50 wave possibily HC difficulty if that makes any difference as to why it showed up.

Maybe it has to do with hardcore.

I only play insane, and there surely it doesn’t appear.

Yeah I knew that some maps don’t show up In some playlists but thinking of it old town is one I dont even recall seeing show up since it was in the dev playlist.

Which is actually quite frustrating, I really like old town and even checkouts good for those days you kind of hate yourself and want a little punishment :grin:

Old town was in jingle juvies.

I used to despise checkout, then I learned how to survive in it.

Too bad Coalition prevents us from using maps we PAID for.

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Yeah that really sucks, just bc I paid for these to use in private doesn’t mean I want them only in private

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One thing I don’t understand is, why do they have to control which maps should be allowed to play? Give us some 3 random maps and let players in horde lobby vote which one to play on and that’s it. How difficult is that?

Played 2.0 today. Didn’t get the exactly maps I like, but didn’t quit on it either.

I think maps in normal horde playlist and horde lite playlists are different. Horde 1 to 50 playlist has wider collection of maps compared to horde lite playlist I guess. I used to prefer Horde lite because, someone on your team quitting is less painful when you are playing 25 waves compared to 50 waves :wink: