Horde map question

Why is it when horde does work, it seems to only select the same few maps in public match on lite horse insane mode(for me anyway), Diner, slab, fallout, harbour and raven down. When it is diner, slab or raven down everyone usually leaves so hard for me to find a game.

Last week once i managed to play on blood drive but not seen since any advice?


It basically goes like this:

We used to have an actual map rotation where every month not only we would get new maps we also could play most of the old ones so the chances of seeing the same map (in the same session) was quite small. October 2017 saw the last new maps released and the execution of our dear friend called “map rotation”.

Now we get 4-5 maps that you will see until you either feel sick or stop playing horde (with 1 or 2 having a small chance of showing up, think of it like common cards and the legendary card you see in packs). This will last for about 2-3 weeks and then it will reset: new 4-5 maps with a small chance of another 1-2, the ones you’re already sick of, most likely won’t be seen for a while and the cycle will go on.

Lately I’ve noticed another variable: the maps change when another playlist goes live. Horde Frenzy gave me Hotel, Diner and Clock Tower, while Monster Mash gave me the slab, raven Down and Clock Tower. Switch to Inconceivable and I see Mercy, Drydock and the Slab. Some maps repeat across playlists but clearly there is a pattern, I’ve told the devs during stream several times, but this is one of those things that they either don’t care or don’t know how to fix, this is not a skin or some little trifle we’re talking about after all.

As with packs, some get the same maps as me and others slightly different but none of us get to enjoy the variety of the 34 maps that was promised to us, “why have 34 different maps when you can play the same 4-5 until you get sick of the game?”

Thanks for the heads up @mendigo2005, now I feel like a crazy old man recruiting followers for my new cult :grin:

We’re gonna get kicked, that is.

@xHySt3rIa_v2x, just try to enjoy Gears 4 as it is. Horde is very nice, despite all setbacks.

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Cheers for that, iv only just got back online after couple of years out so only just started playing again Gow too all new still, i do enjoy it just be nice to get on other maps on public, could always search for players then private match? Any good forums for getting hardcore players?

You can always create a thread under “wanna play” section but most likely your best bet is LFG (looking for group).

I wonder how many of these were NOT speedruns this week.

Sorry noob question where to find the LFG?

On xbox you gotta press the X logo button and browse tabs to the left.

They’ll mostly require mic.

I didn’t want to spoil it to OP, buy yeah, going full randoms can give you more chances at a regular run than LFG.

Haha…I bet not many.