Horde Mania (HM) - Discussion & Feedback

I couldn’t imagine how to play with Randoms that Wave after wave with Aggressive Enemies , it’s Fun & Challenging

But nearly 50% of the Waves have Sentinels + Guardians…sounds Weird.

It may seem the Best Horde Event by Far honestly.

What’s your Opinion? Do you feel satisfactory?

I like it, but its downside is like any other event … it’s in public matchmaking.


I think I have to restart or is it expected to have hidden mutators ?

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Ehh…it’s Familiar when the Event just begin within several Hours like previous event.

Just need some time for the Event to Warm-Up



More Health
More Lethal
Regen Penalty
Aggressive Enemies

same as Regular Horde


Its awesome but the boss waves need more bosses present at the same time.


The only thing I don’t like is that we don’t get as much as energy from the taps like we do in frenzy and the wave breaks in between end a little too fast that I barely have time to perk up.

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Maybe we’re playing in the Easy Map…Forge isn’t really Hard at all.

I mean Ephyra, Pahanu, Regency, Reactor will Feel the Pressure when those Bosses present.

It’s Icebound nearly all the time, which isn’t a great map. It appeared like 5+ times while Asylum only appeared once.

There’s not a lot of time to capture tap, collect energy from tap and perk at same time. It’s like a 5 seconds window.

I might actually prefer Frenzy because it’s shorter and there’s not many enemies when using X-Ray.



Bruv, I did my best to keep them stunned. Had to rotate 3 Embars.


It’s the horde mode most of us have been asking for since launch. If only TC knew how to listen to feedback a little earlier :thinking:

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Now if only TC hadn’t removed the Dropshot one shotting them on a direct hit. Or the weapon wasn’t completely underpowered unless you’re a Pilot or using a class with explosive bleed.

I’ll have to judge tomorrow. Since I was out of time to play for the day.


Only did advanced so far, but the time in between is hardly enough to perk, let alone try to grab power from the taps,

I like the idea but I would like at least some of the power acquisition changed
Late waves also had some interesting spawns, like 6 DB ones in one place lol.

Also yeah a lot of sentinels but refreshingly little “firing” and “torque bow spin up” but small sample size, maybe I was lucky.

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Haven’t notice since Op 1 because I’m new to Forum for joining several Months ago :joy:

But sure they Do listening to the Feedback & making it available after a Year and a Half…well…better than Nothing :slightly_smiling_face:

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I play Combat Medic with satisfying Damage Output by using Lancer only…normally it’s just Regular Inconceivable Horde, so it’s Nothing Special in terms of Difficulty.

However, not sure their Turning are a Bit faster than Regular Horde where both have “Aggressive Enemies” Modifier on.

This Idea, as I’m “Newbie” in playing Horde Mania first time, is Fresh with only 3~5 Seconds on Perk / Building Fortifications.

The Taps aren’t like Freezy that give your Team so much in Early Waves, so it’s still a Responsibility for someone to play CQC Class to Secure those Taps unless your Team decide to have “No Engineer” option.

With previous Nerf on Guardians & Sentinels, those Bosses are still pretty Annoying when your Team get messed up.

Last Word, I don’t know why People underrate the Combat Medic Class, I think each Team should have one, so that your Team can be more smoothly. I mean if you lack a Full Supportive Role in your Class, you need to confirm Each Action mostly Revive you make is affecting the Team getting Wiped easily especially facing Multi Sentinels + Guardians.

My Suggestion of highly Win Rate to the Game is:2 DPS (at least 1 CQC Class) + 1 Crowd Control (Gunner/Pilot)+ Supportive Role (Jack/ Combat Medic) + Engineer (RE)

I’m still not sure where they get their feedback from. The last time I made a post with constructive feedback it was taken down for not being constructive enough :man_shrugging:t2:
With a model like that, it’s no wonder why it took the game forever to get into a decent place.

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When I search “Horde Mania”, it was found in Aug 2018 & Sep 2019 for some People requesting this Good Horde Mode appear in Gears 5.


Marksman passive still doesn’t penetrate the shields. Unless I’m doing it wrong all I did was piss them off.

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Still feels like boring ol horde