Horde lobbies starting without a TO5

Would it be possible for TC to add a ‘Ready’ option for Horde, or at least wait till there’s five players in the lobby to load the map? It’s very frustrating when the game decides to start with only three players, especially when playing on Elite or above.

In a game that seems to have an endless amount of issues and bugs, this one is the most baffling to me. How did they not see this, or was it intentional?


This is one the many things they never checked. Only solution is to play custom games.

Totally agree OP. I also find it really frustrating being thrust into a lobby, seeing that you’ve come into that lobby as a duplicate character, then the game force starts within literally 5 seconds of joining giving you nowhere near enough time to pick a second preferred class. All this when there’s 30 or 40 plus seconds left on the countdown.

Like you said, baffling.


The whole pregame lobby in Horde is a clusterf*ck. The game either starts without a full team or, like you said, a fifth will join as a duplicate and won’t have time to switch because the game will start immediately.

TU2 notes say nothing about the Horde lobbies, so I guess we’ll have to deal with it for another month or two.

Ive been playing a decent amount of Horde lately and holy ■■■■, there are soooooo many issues.A short list of what I’ve seen so far.

-Wardens going into a corner and swinging at literally nothing
-Frozen Jacks not unfreezing
-Jack’s hijack not ending, therefor not being able to kill the last enemy. That player then has to quit and rejoin, losing all power and perk upgrades
-Enemies having their legs in the grounds and upper body being above while getting hit with a sentry/laser
-Games loading up with two, three or four players

And of course the bloody barrier glitch.