Horde like verses

oh crap good to know him with a markza and embar is unreal plus a torque in a locker

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On that note, Lizzie’s barriers will give her stim and freeze enemies if those cards are equipped.

Having her barriers stacked side by side with baird’s is devastating.

Lizzie is next for me to level up I have her at 5 at the moment while my baird is at 11

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Feels like a lot of weapons nerfed…forcing gl play ect on you…but the peeps that type of play was aimed at…have gone😏

Woah, defensive mate. I was more responding to the OP saying that anything above elite without JD is impossible. I just meant in general if a person is playing a master match then that person should know what they need. Not you personally, but people in general. Any other difficulty just have fun and try your best but if you’re going for a master you may as well use the best characters possible right?

Lol! Sorry it sounded like you were saying it to me like I was a bum :joy:

Not saying impossible…just the weapons in general are all weak…bar one two…gl ect…a good team could give it a good go if…if weapons like the torque gave u a kill for a headshot…just putting it out there…to see what peeps think