Horde like verses

Has anyone tried Baird yet? Boy he is an expensive engineer

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Its a question basically indirectly. Do u want equal footing or fair footing? gears 2 horde, or 3 in a sense… duh. Im askin…cause seems yes, like 2 horde. But i wamt confirmation

Duh…whats with getting to the point…instead of an aimless ramble…is it that difficult😉…if you read previous responses…to the non idiot ones…theres a clue right there!

U use the word idiot without looking at ur own text i see… good day

Haha…bye…n thanks for dropping by🙄

I think without bleed cards your reliant on sentries to do the higher level difficulties the difficulty stacks such as damage taken with the more mutators you have one

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We know what kind of horde players are needed rook…but u and i know they won’t play this😉

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Sorry. I had to. I’m the forum grammar nazi afterall.


No probs pepper…I’ve got a sense of humour😁

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This thread reminds me of my old get rid of ‘Wave 0 Horde blowing yourself up’ in Gears 4.

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Haha yes m8…fk was all that about…peeps leaving when u wouldn’t do it🤣

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I’ve played a lot of JD mainly so my friends can level up their other characters.
We only play inconceivable and master and I would say good luck killing a swarmak on master without a JD so your point is valid.


This has been an issue of mine since the launch and I started playing above elite a few days after.

In gears 4 I could run a game as any of the 5 classes and mvp based on my gameplay and card setup.

The newest addition I’m happy about is Lizzie. Her freeze card is a nice addition giving her a chance to hold her own at higher difficulty. This is the card they should have given fahz. Freezing sniping rounds would be so fun…but no, you get 50% damage on frozen enemies. Lol such a joke. Doesn’t anyone get like 100% damage on frozen enemies? They just shatter…


Get a good team with mics and you’ll be surprised how well you can do. Randoms can be a total nightmare though.
If you’re playing master then you should know what you need to do in order to win, and why would you want it to be different? It’s still a challenge even with JD and kait at that difficulty.
I will say that before OP2, it got a bit stale because of the lack of choice.
However, since OP2 came out, I’ve noticed a lot of players opting for the new horde characters which is awesome, there’s a nice mix now so you’re not forced to play fahz just because you joined the lobby last.

I have a good team and I’ve beaten master like 70 -80 times so yea I do know what it takes that’s why I said good luck killing a swarmak on master without a JD.

I did it with Keegan…took fooooooooorever

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Didn’t say it was impossible I just said good luck :joy: I don’t like failing and you stand a much higher chance of not finishing without a JD on master than you do with.
Good job with Keegan though, I bet that did take a while!

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Yeah no intentions of doing it again.

To your point though, I wish we did have more options to every situation. Yes you can now build a team with many heroes…but you must have certain ones in play (example jd and swarmak) to beat the game effectively. This creates a very linear gameplay for horde.

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He can play as engineer or sniper he has a sniper bleed card [crazy unfare to Fahz] and if he shoot DBNO enemies he has a splash damage card] they gave him for effective sniping cards than Fahz it seems

and also has a card where sentry kills give fortifications HP

so to answer your question he is very effective

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His barriers and and sentries heal fortifications with bleed if you have a precision weapon equipped.

Yes, I feel like the gave him cards fahz desperately has needed from launch.