Horde - Level 1 quitters

What is it with peeps quitting early on horde?

Been trying to get an insane game going, only to have the rest of the squad leave as soon as the map starts.

If your going to quit at least tell the rest of the party ,

If you dont like the random map thats assigned, then do a looking for request , or run your own private game

Rant over for today :slight_smile:

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You won’t earn a card on Wave 30, 40 or 50 on Private.

Not everyone has access to Season Pass to play those maps on Private.

Thought TC gave every map to everyone private or not no?

Season Pass only. Even I don’t have access to Checkout in Private.

I think I read somewhere that they are doing this for Gears 5.

Wouldnt mind , they dont get past starting the map and they’ve quit lol

Not sure why they didn’t do it months ago tbh

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Yeah, no Season Pass in Gears 5 at all.

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Let’s hope when gears 5 gets released we might get to wave 50/and or 25 waves,not sure til anything gets released,which I cannot wait,I’know how you feel OP,Im sure there is many gamers get frustrated when anyone quits even b4 we get to the fabricator.

Was just coming to post about this. Figured there would be a recent thread.


Quitting in horde seems to be extremely rampant. I’ve been trying to get my 3 horde completions for the road to gears 5 and I can’t because I don’t get to finish any game. It’s been over a week and with at least 10 or so tries on just casual difficulty. Several on Mercy which is one of the most easy to finish. People are backing out half way through and I even had an entire squad up until wave 45 and 3 bailed all of a sudden. Casual horde is like the easiest thing ever to get through. What gives with all the quitting?

Check out this thread. Might help with your challenge.

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While it sucks people quit, I’d rather they do it at the start than 10 waves down the line.

To play pub horde, you just have to accept that people quit. If you’re chasing an achievement or something or really going after XP bounties then it’s a pain.

If you’re like me you just play for the hell of it. Some of the funnest horde matches are with 2 or 3 people. Today 3 people quit in one match halfway through so it was me and another guy and we finished it together and it was mad intense and actually required strategy. Sometimes powering through as a 5 with OP skill cards makes it boring IMO.

It does take longer with 2 but when you play to have fun who cares.

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Got to wave 49 ealier today and 4 out of 5 got steamrolled by cryo scion + pouncer combo … The 5th one came rushing in and died, throwing away the game … Yeah thanks.

need some serious filters for hrode.