Horde leaderboards

How are people hitting 13 million points in horde on this game?

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I’ve seen you on the leader-boards before

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I was at one point 1-5 on a few maps but then they changed some things and we can get up to 6-7 million on a map. People had 8-10 million and now I am seeing 13 million plus. I am just curious on how these scores are obtained. I would like to compete for them a little more but there is something that my team is now missing.

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It’s from a while ago, where you could duplicated power before placing the fabricator at the start. And literally have unlimited power.

I remember people doing that. But since those fixes and updates people are still getting these scores. I just don’t understand. We do the recycling of power from fortifications and grenade plants for more power. I don’t know what else makes up the 2-5 million difference.

I was doing high score runs before the rise of the horde update (i.e. before incon difficulty level), and we managed to his 7 million points , which at the time was the highest score on the boards:

No energy exploits , just brawler scouts who punched pretty much every enemy to death. And we recycled the energy by building fortifications which got destroyed. This was a good run…

Then came the bug of scout doubling energy with every pickup, so two scounts, dying in turn and picking up the other’s energy meant exponential energy growth - and the score is related to energy being deposited too, so if you build up few million in energy you can quickly get a huge score by depositing it. I didn’t do that for any score, but I did a few games like that to help people get their classes to level 10s.

Then came the “exploit” of repeatably failing a wave… Get to wave 9, and just keep failing it, leaving the energy on the field for the scout to pick up, over and over… This was really sad and that marked the end of my high score runs - there is a 6h limit on a Horde game… We’d play it to the limit… So spend 4h on wave 9, collecting the energy over and over, then when we were ready, deposit it and play the rest of the waves to 50.

There were also situations where recycling energy wasn’t quick enough with the enemies destroying fortifications so there was a way for US to destroy our own fortifications, for the scout to collect the energy, re-deposit (for points) and then re-build the fortification, over and over. An Engineer constantly building, 2 shotgun scouts constantly destroying, and the other two keeping the enemies busy and away from the base…

This was like 2 years ago, and writing it just now I cannot believe I was so into it, haha… I just liked the people I was playing with. The game play itself was pathetic…

I have no idea what new/recent ‘exploits’ there might be, to generate a high score. With browler scouts you can probably get close to 10 million on incon without any special exploits. But fortifications don’t drop full energy now, they drop less, so I don’t know how that would effect the score.

I much prefer versus now, even with its lag and rank based frustrations :slight_smile: