Horde large ammo refill bug

I did a 1-50 run as the Cog gear last night on AllFathers’ , and I found MULTIPLE instances where I would pickup a large ammo box and I got no ammo from it. I mean zero, nothing. the ammo count in the selected weapon (either lancer or claw) didn’t change/update.

Once it happened during a reload (i.e. I hit X over an ammo box while in a reload, and the reload happened, ammo was ‘picked up’, but ammo count didn’t update). So I thought that was the bug - but then it happened again, few times, without any reload happening.

I captured a few video clips, if it would be helpful for TC I can stitch them together and post them.

Ohhhh, BTW, hahaha… @o_GH0UL_o @Hu1k_Daddy @D_A_N_III_3_L - before I was laughing that it took FIVE ammo boxes to completely re-fill an embar… Well, we get 60 rounds of lancer ammo per box, and a full lancer has over 400 rounds, so it takes SEVEN full ammo boxes to fully reload a lancer, hahahahahahahaha!!

This is beyond stupid and ridiculous… HORDE IS NOT A LOOTER/SHOOTER GAME where you are searching for resources !!!

P.s. I also found, in another Horde game, another ammo related bug, but this one is actually HELPFUL, so I won’t explain it here, because I don’t want TC to patch it, haha.


@GhostofDelta2 @N0DEZER0

I wonder if its possible to pass over this comment to the TC DEV’S if its possible , I would truly appreciate if the word could be passed along, since still we have the same problem on horde and there’s no fix for it yet. I know this is a long shot however I think its importante to better the game definetely.

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I’ll create a video clip showing the few cases I noticed and will post it, but it probably won’t happen for 1-2 days…

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Lookin’ forward for them my friend… I think that’s important I have tagged Ryan and my friend ghost to see if they can pass along the word… I think its important :slight_smile:

We’re you close to max ammo? If you’re on your “first clip” but not quite full, you won’t pick up any actual rounds,

I am also seeing a ammo bug on weapons lockers, in Operation one we knew if you placed an empty weapon on the lockers it would disappear and they patched that thankfully, Now I see that sometimes when you place an empty weapon on a locker it simply does not load, it stays “red cog” empty. It is related to the weapon not the locker as well as I have had say 2 over kills on a locker, emptied both, one fills one does not. I have managed to kick the none loading one “off” by loading it from a pilfer ammo or ammo chest and once it gets out of the broken mode, it will reload even from empty. Seen it with Drop shots, longshots, salvo’s (you need to merge the empty one with another (none empty) one to kick it alive , overkills etc


I’m late on this. Thanks bro. :+1:

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Thanks to you man and your effort onto this game :slight_smile: to the contrary Thanks for taggin me along :slight_smile:

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Experienced this last night too. Got no ammo from the box. On the other hand I sometimes during the game seemed to get more ammo then used to.

I rwviewed the videos, always the same:

Holding a claw, lancer on the back. Picking up ammo, lancer gets ammo, claw doesn’t. In one case claw has 203 rounds, get nothing (max ammo is 300).

Had this with a Boomshot I picked up in Jingle Juvies. Nothing I tried could get it to reload, even picking up an ammo box so it wasn’t reloading from ‘empty’. Five waves I tried to no avail…

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If you have a weapon that does not have a full clip, it will only reload the other empty clips. So in the case if the claw being at 203, if the gun wasn’t reloaded it will stay at 203, because there is a clip with a few bullets still in. If you reload before picking up ammo it will fill to 300.

In gears 4 it would reload to full capacity whether you had a fully loaded clip or not.

I haven’t seen your videos so I can’t say this is the problem you had, just a tip.

Hey Omen,

There is somthing with the Coding in the Large Ammo Box for the Claw. If its at a certain amount the large ammo box can sometimes not give you anything. However, I still believe the best way to refill it is with the pilfer ammo boxes.

Seems that the game basses how much ammo you get on how many rounds are in a clip of any certain gun. You can test this with Marcus as well. With his increased round capacity in rifles. He will pick up more ammo for them because of this than anyone else.

This also explains why Snipers, Embars get so little ammo when picking up the box’s. Because of the magazine rounds.

So if TC ever changes the coding to not be based on this, then it would be much easier to get ammo. :slight_smile:

that part man where you mentioned this… It would take a miracle for us to happen…

I was telling @Omen_LP before that when you buy the weapon from the fabrictar you get it full of ammo… in the embar weapon ¿ does it happen the same man ?

Hey bro,

Yes, but only if you are not already Holding that weapon. So if Holding an Embar and buy another, you will not get full Ammo. Same with any weapon, but if you drop it first, then the game reads it as a new weapon and then you will get full ammo. Kinda goofy, I know-but at least you can drop weapons again. :slight_smile:

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I have bought Lancer Gl being as JD and I get the full loaded weapon from the fabricator once I buy it without dropping it first

its kind of odd that it happens like that as you descripbed before… but at least the ammo starvation situation could be fixed that way… It shouldn’t be like that however man but its a palliative somehow…

I hope that you are great my friend :slight_smile:

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Yea bro,

Not too bad. Havent been able to play much at all as my son has been keeping me busy on Roblox. But I was able to play some last night with @o_GH0UL_o and we ended up playing G3 for a bit.

Pretty good time. Hope you been well also.


Ok, in my opinion this ammo ‘full or not full magazine’ is just such broken mechanic… Fill up the $%^%ing rifle!!! that’s what an ammo box is!!! This is how it worked always, in GoW4…

Geeze… This game is soooooooooooooooo filled with these “ohh, yes, you kinda CAN do something, but you have to first do THAT, and then THIS, and only after those two steps you’ll actually get what you need/want, if you follow THOSE instructions”…

But, haha, @Hu1k_Daddy, re COG Gear and the ultimate recharge with grenade kills… I tested it last night; my card is only level 2 or 3 (I get 100 seconds off the cooldown, whatever level that is)…

I activated it (I was playing with bots, to test this), I then quickly tagged two drones with frags, run back to the fab, bought 2 more frags, tagged two more enemies (I think a DR1 and a scion) and my ultimate was ready again… Took maybe a dozen seconds, and cost 500 in energy (let’s say 1000 including the purchase of the original set of frags)…

I’m thinking when I max out that ‘team revive heals all fortifications’ card, paying 1000 in energy to repair all decoys and barriers instantly by (30%? 40%?) is a STEAL of a deal - and it’s instant, so it frees up Del to do other things too…

just gotta be careful not to tag a Sire, that $%^%ing thing jumped and hugged me AFTER I tagged it, and that ended the wave, hahaha…

ohh, I hadn’t realized until last night that team revive also brings ME up, that’s useful! I never thought about it, because I was still thinking “GoW4 team revive” (which you can’t use on yourself because it’s fabricator based)…

BUT using the claw is tricky - with its looooong reload, if you try to use revive in a reload, you’ll jam your gun… (well, on alt you do, because the control is RB+LB )…

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HaHa Nice Omen,

If you max out the fortification thing, it can seriously help. Not sure if you know this, but even if the forts are destroyed and still on the same wave, you can bring them all back up with this.

But the funniest thing to try is the DBNO grenade Tag and Kick. TC didn’t make it where you kick the guy far enough, so you will all most always blow yourself up. Its kinda funny. I still have alot of fun the CG and I love using the GL with him.

So keep rocking it man. :slight_smile:

Correct… its should be simpler since its a shooter foremost… the game screams almost to have a manual of some sort where the original ones didn’t need them.

Its completely moronic… the ammo starvation issue has been for monts and still TC doesnt care at all… I think @Omen_LP its possible they will never fix the game… with their fat checks already on their pockets they just left the moronwagon .