Horde kicking for no apparent reason

Why is the kicking in horde so bad?

It’s kind of pathetic to be kicked even before you load into a game that’s already started.

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Is the most common thing. Unless you duplicated the class to join another or you didn’t read the post.

Another reason why you possibly would immediately get kicked is because the last player before you joined probably got lagged out/lost connection and the host wanted to invite that player back, therefore, you had to be kicked. Or he could be a D… You know what I mean

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I wouldn’t get to upset by being kicked mate. If you gonna play PUB games it’s almost a certainty that you will be kicker at some point.

No where upset. I just move on to the next. I rather not stay in those rooms that host wants full control over the game


Honestly, could be any amount of reasons…some dumb and some reasonable

Of course there is a reason. You joined the game. Joining an open lobby is highly frowned upon and a kickable offence.


Lol. If you were the last to join and you see the pause screen, chances are they’re getting ready to kick you so I’d beat them to it and leave before I give them the satisfaction. Sometimes it’s because of your character and other times it’s intangible things like emoting “no” emote in response to dialogue and they feel offended I guess.

I remember oneday I joined a horde frenzy lobby and donated all of my power, as soon as I finished they kicked me. I was like fool me once shame on you.

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One guy lobby title said “don’t join I’ll boot”. So I joined in as a 4th. Pause menu came up and I left. They were on wave 3 of a frenzy with a Marcus. Doing a speed run I assumed.

I kept joing and quitting till they finished the match. Made me feel empowered.

Why not just make it private to begin with… Or let people join. I don’t think I would of slowed them down any. Just play and have fun


Come on they asked for it.

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I’ve quite often seen lobbies with one solo player stating that they want no one to join because they want to play alone. Guess they do not know about private lobbies.

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I got kicked this morning for going down to much as clayton, despite me holding the right lane on my own on Dam with the left being held by JD Keegan Lizzie and the eng. When I stated I was holding the right on my own the kicker said I wasn’t checking left often enough. I then pointed out I had more revives than anyone else too. I also said that if he had a problem with how the game was playing out he could have used the comms. But he was adamant I shouldn’t need reviving as Clay, so i wished him a good, happy and healthy weekend and I found another game. I was only slightly bothered because Dam is one of the ones I need to master.

Dam spawn set up?

Beach spawn iirc. Dam is a hard map anyway, it can go wrong so very quickly :slight_smile: After failing 50 wave horde on wave 50 a few times I don’t get bent out of shape with frenzy fails, it’s half the fun if they are challenging.

Sometimes people are just D holes sometimes it’s cause you joined a lobby before the person they invited got in. I don’t know why they don’t invite friends in private then open the lobby to public to pick up the spares as that’s what I do but c’est la vie. Personally I only kick people when they are trashing my lobby or making sentries after being told repeatedly not to as I feel everyone should be welcome to play in their own style as long as it’s in conjunction with the team. What’s supper annoying is those ■■■■■■■■ that kick you out at wave 50 when there is one enemy left that is truly madding I’ve had that happen a few times it’s one of the reasons why I just started hosting my own. A fun thing to do with a d host is to constantly join their game after being kicked for no reason then when they pause drop out so they can’t kick you then jump back into the game and do that for a few waves it really p’s them off. I’ve gotten a few loving messages from a couple after doing that :grin:.

Base in one of the spawns. Marcus sits at the cover-piece facing the other spawn, rest of the team covers the right side. JD should bring Stun artillery in the unfortunate event you get a Kestrel/Swarmark. Dam isn’t that bad imo.
Also, if you set up base in that middle section with all the pillars. You can block the right and left coverpiece with Lv3 barriers forcing Scions and such to go around buying you time to kill them.

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Thanks Abyss is proving to be a nightmare too. Had no issues at all on 50 wave but 12 wave is proving a nightmare for getting overrun. Getting there though, only about 8 left to do.

Well, kinda the same thing. Marcus can sit at one of the ice-blocks and cover about 70% of the map without going down. Kait is amazing to take out bosses, Lizzie with the Hammer to stop them from entering the base.

As much as I agree with what you said. Majority of players who I play with (randoms) have no awareness of guardians in dam. They can sneak behind the spawn base while Marcus, JD are doing their thing. Next thing you know… It’s a wipe

Guardians aren’t that much of a threat on their own. But if they bring their bigger brothers (Kestrel+ Sentinels) things can get out of hand really quick. And as Marcus you usually have enough time to tag flyer.

True. Tell me about it. The amount of times I get sentinels at wave 45 is beyond the joke.