Horde - Keegan looks immense. Seen major difference since this new update

I have to admit he does look immense in horde. Once you fully upgrade his key perks he can make huge difference in later waves. Lately, I’ve noticed that his level 10 explosion ammo regeneration makes so much difference for salvos and boomshots it becomes infinite ammo once the supply drop is activated. I remembered in wave 40+ I activated my resupply drop X2/x3 in each wave and I didn’t even went back to my locker for another boomshot or salvos.

In additional, ammo capacity is very helpful to. Once you purchase a GL in the fab he can have x6 launchers that’s if ammo capacity is fully upgraded to level 10 this is very handy for boss/mini boss waves or alternatively salvos are brilliant to which you prefer both are great options. Also, his interrogation card combined with JD’s spotter support can possibly wipe out the entire wave. But even Keegan on his own is still capable of doing so much damage once he has perks fully upgraded.

Overall, I have to admit I have seen major difference since this update for Keegan. I really cannot complain.

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Well written bro,

It’s finally nice to see another post of a like minded individual.

Getting tired of all the ■■■■■■■■ and complaining. So it’s a nice change. I guess people just don’t know how much better Horde\ Escape is with all the updates.


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Played a game yesterday on Blood Drive had the explosive ammo and capacity maxed out. During the boss wave i used my ult whilst using a salvo, Lizzie Clayton and Del decided to use salvos as well so they where benefiting from the explosive regen. It was just a constant barrage of salvos for about 30 seconds, i almost felt sorry for the Swarmak xD.

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Finally got to run with a cooperative JD on Blood Drive today, didn’t need GL, just Booms and Dropshots. Only difference would be that I mistakenly chose Situational Awareness instead of the other one to mark more enemies (Interrogation card is still low level). I got ammo resupply almost every wave and the resupply and capacity perks were just insane. Neither of us had to go back to a locker and we just launched everything at the Swarm each wave.

The perks are great but sadly, people are still too rigid or they just haven’t tried these characters themselves. Been getting kicked a lot lately for trying to play Paduk even with the bleed damage card.

Thank you.

Yeah it works really well, had JD and Connor in my radius to.

Clayton is very similar with his heavy ammo regen perk. Often I don’t need to take a mulcher back to the locker. It would be nice if we had a passive that stopped us from dropping heavy weapons once were down. I for one can’t stand it when I get dropped and my gun falls into a spot not even Jack can reach.