Horde: just filled with claw drone elites which stay back and don't advance.. and no heavy weapons for bosses!

I played Insane by myself, as Del, all father’s… (didn’t turn on extra health or extra damage).

waves 1 to 9 where filled with drones, which didn’t advance. They just stayed back and crossed with their claws… It took FOREVER to root them out…

Then I got ONE (ONE, ONE, ONE!) heavy weapon in waves 1-9, a single buzzkill, which I had in a locker…

I got a Swarmak on wave 10. How the F am I supposed to kill a Swarmak whose health regenerates when I have ONE HEAVY WEAPON!?!??

I died, of course, and turned the xbox off in disgust…

Great job, TC…

There was a thread about this the other day most people seemed sceptical but soloing is a no go now. My theory is it stops star boosting as I can’t just load up wave 7 to get scion or pouncer kills anymore.

I believe they made a change behind the scenes.

@TC_Octus Any comment on this situation? Was this change intentional?

Do you guys know about this?

I’m in the process of constructing a comprehensive horde guide. A full guide for the entire mode, everything in it.
I would like to be able to report accurate enemy set/wave/difficulty information in the guide.

If it is an intentional change please let us know about things like this in patch notes in the future.

I have heard of people not getting scions, bastions, etc in various scenarios/low difficulties.

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Same here. I tried soloing on insane today with Baird, without extra damage or regen penalty, started on wave 21. It was going alright but I got zero scions/dr-1s and thus zero heavy weapons and couldn’t take out the stupid sentinel on wave 25. I’d get it down to half health, it’d get its shield back up, and all its health would regenerate. It couldn’t kill me and I couldn’t kill it so I just gave up.

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Regen is a very hard mod to solo heh

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Odd question, but did you have bots to fill the game?

When I solo with bots it’s like we get caught in a standoff. Last time I siloed without bots, the enemy advanced fine.

Why are people playing insane Solo?
Just enable 2 or 3 mutators and you will be fine.
If you want cards do like me,I play solo waves 1-5 in master to farm cards,and this new system allows me to do it fine.
And it’s not even working with all enemies,you still can see big scary robots with Salvos even solo.

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Well… There is a reason why it is called Insane! It is only for the Insane people. :smirk:

Besides the fact that you were solo, this is a problem with the game. A lot of classes depend on those heavy weapons especially if the boss has regen. Which is why Kait and JD are so popular.