Horde join in progress is great

I complain about a LOT of things in Gears 5, but this custom lobby browser & join in progress is a great setup … Credit where credit is due…


It’s something I’ve really enjoyed. The ability to jump into a game with a known amount of rounds left is a good idea. I do it quite often when just messing around or leveling a character.


Me too Op,if I can’t do a 1-50,I also look on the custom,that way I’m not quitting early and screwing up the host 50 waves,due to outside of gaming world(family time)etc,etc

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If it weren’t for the Custom lobbies I would have played Horde in 5 a lot less.


Agreed, custom lobby browser just needs to refresh more frequently. Too many games full or not there when trying to join


Everything is fun and laughs… until the host leaves and kick us all out.


One of my main problem… :unamused:
Or when somebody mentions in the lobby title that he/she is Jack, but then it turns out the host is Mac… :roll_eyes:

Pity about the refresh rate.

the host leaving an crashing the whole game is a pain…

If I notice the host start going AFK , I send him a message to just turn off his/her Xbox or switch to another game. This keeps the game going for everyone else. It will automatically switch the host, but that isn’t always a good thing. Communication is key in those 2-3 hour games. I know this is obvious for some, but just wanted to give future hosts a heads up.

You might find that when the host ends the game, the game has ended. No crashing involved here.
The Coalition it seems did not think that one through, just like the refresh rate on Custom Games, i do not know about you, but i really hate looking for a game, joining it, just to find it is full, done or does not exist. Awesome programming The Coalition :confused:

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Ya I know. crash not right term. I guess: “if the host leaves, the game is ended and it takes everyone back to the lobby” is more accurate.

Yeah, just came back to play some gears 5 after a few week break and the custom horde lobby is a mess. Last night I had 6 pages of games that didn’t work…


Holy Saru Poo…
I was planning on coming back soon, after my break. I might actually wait for Tour of Duty 3 now. Yikes !!!