Horde: Jack healing bug

I’m not sure if there’s a post about this yet but it seems like that jack’s healing ability is bugged when the Slower Regeneration modifier is toggled. I’ve noticed that when a player is in the middle of trying to regenerate health, Jack is unable to heal them properly (the slow regen modifier takes priority over jacks healing). However if a player has taken damage but hasn’t started the process of regenerating then Jack can heal them like normally.

EDIT: It seems in general if someone is regenerating health, it takes priority over jacks healing.

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I noticed the same problem, it’s hit or miss but it’s like sometimes I can heal someone full health in a second where other times i can’t help speed it up at all

If your healing while teammates are self-healing with regeneration it won’t speed it up but if you heal someone as soon as they’re damaged it will do it full speed or faster.