Horde - Issue with Jack's Zap

I haven’t seen this mentioned before among the many other bugs and glitches, but I’m having an issue in Horde where after using the Hijack ability as Jack, the zap doesn’t work anymore at all and the only way to fix it is to die. Anyone else run into this?


Yes! I’ve had this bug 3 times now where it still acts as though it’s shocking enemies but in every Wave results, 0 damage and 0 assists

Yup. I’ve experienced this several times. I’m not aware of any fixes aside from going DBNO or dying.

I just reported this bug. I hope it gets fixed soon

Yes just started playing as it and it pissed me off royally wtf

This bug has still not been fixed after how many months/years

I’ve noticed this since at least op3. I don’t typically use my zapper, but it’s annoying not being able to when I need it.