Horde is ruined

The custom lobby needs to be removed. It is the single worst aspect of the game. Kickings are without foundation and I for one am sick of the idiot kickers. This needs sorted ASAP. Custom regular kickers need to be stopped from hosting games


It’s not ruined. Play it with friends and you’ll forget all about those pesky “custom regular kickers”.


It’s their game they are hosting so their rules, that’s why it’s called custom. What is preventing you from hosting a game just like they are?

I’ve seen some ridiculous complaints here but yours tops the list I think.

If you prevent people from kicking do you know what you have?

Random horde and they already have that so you are essentially asking for two sections that do the same thing.



Not everyone has friends that play gears tho


You don’t have to join someone else’s lobby through the custom menu you know. There’s public matchmaking if you must, but at the end of the day it’s someone else’s lobby.

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Or the option to host a match yourself is also always available. No kicking if it is not necessary and it can be set exactly how you want it. The only issue that is to that is getting players to join which does not always happen.

Or as you said, just go for public matchmaking, something I would not advise as it is in shambles in Gears 5 anyway, no small part due to Survivor being active as soon as you leave Beginner, and the existence of custom lobbies.

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Solo it is then!

What better friends than the A.I. Soldiers and their witty banter?

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And also their completely unpredictable behavior, glitching/bugging out of map boundaries, walking in front of your explosives, not picking you up when downed…


I’m with you 100% Op,because of this happening to me time,time again😢now if I don’t go into the insane/master,Other modes I don’t get kicked,No disrespect I do now know(Which I’m not going into)update I’ve had 3 insane Part games this past week,which shocked me,and didn’t get kicked,

Exactly! See! This guy gets it!

Horde is only fun with friends.

I would recommend you to play with friends or play GOW 3 horde and end of story hahahaha .


OP: Host your own game. Kill god and take his place.
you are not wrong though: join another hosted game and you do run the risk of random kicking. Its not you, its them…probably…could be you :).

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Horde is near perfect. It needs balancing and content. It is a deeper PVE game now with lots going on. It is not something to abuse. Gears 5 horde is full game in itself to master and understand and play properly. Often 1.5-3 hours of invested time per match and requires skill, time and understanding of the game on each difficulty, it’s cards and the weapons involved.

People who get kicked from horde 99% of the time DO NOT PLAY PROPERLY.

They troll, don’t communicate. ignore what the engineer / team leader is requesting, thus compromising the game for the team. ie/ using other people’s lockers, no understanding of lockers, no understanding of playing the map/character properly, ignoring the engineer etc.

People who get kicked are noobs with no re-up or low level characters that join masters, inconceivable and insane difficulty games. If you are a noob/bad player make your own lobby, Don’t ruin games for other people.

The 1% of the time, people are kicked to make room for a friend and the OP didn’t bother to explain that to the guy they kicked.


Honestly if you are getting kicked so much from games there’s a reason for it .
People who get kicked are either trolling , not listening to requests from host, messing with fortifications / or others weapon lockers or not depositing. Occasionally you’ll see somebody get kicked with a weak character (i.e. a Level 4 Lahni) . Being able to create a Custom lobby is great . You can choose the modifiers you do/don’t want, you can put a title stating what you want/need for your game and lastly , you can just CREATE YOUR OWN LOBBY.


If it wasn’t for custom lobbies I wouldn’t play nearly as much as I do. I host my owned lobbies on Insane(when I am allowed to) with the title “Any And All Are Welcome”. So far I haven’t had to kick anyone and for the most part it’s been fun.

The only thing right now that makes me not want to play is the maps, or lack of new/original maps. I just get bored playing on the same ones.

If you enjoy Horde overall, host your own lobby and depending on the time of day and your location, people will join and you won’t have to worry about getting kicked.


What level are you playing at? What characters are you using when you are kicked? I have very few issues with custom lobbies. If i join and there are 3 players there I try to balance my choice of character with who they have and I’m fine. If I’m kicked I usually send a message to the host and ask why.

Today I joined a lobby and my preselected character was Cole from messing about the day before. I got insta booted, they didn’t even give me 2 seconds to cycle through to who I wanted. I just know that’s not the sort of person I want to play 50 waves on master with, so found the next lobby and finished the 50.

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I totally need to start a nerf blog for all the features that tender hearted people want removed from the game because rude or aggressive players use those features in ways that they don’t like .
Maybe once the list is sufficient that all features are gone then I can start selling Gears 5 Tenderheart Edition, a blank disk that has none of the features that bad gamers used too well or rudely.

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Yeah sometimes I feel people a little quick with it, I went into a lobby with only 3 people on inconceivable, and I loaded in on my level 6 Cole, before I had a chance to ask them who they’d prefer I play as I got kicked immediately even though I’m a reup 9 and had several other 18+ cards, but didnt even get a chance to try before getting kicked for loading in on my one low card I had equipped from playing the last couple of low level frenzy match. Some people are just real quick to judge (welcome to the gears community now) and it does tend to make the game less enjoyable when you feel like an enemy to your fellow gears.


LB/RB are your best friends in this situation,