Horde is ruined. Thanks TC

I’ve just come back from the last time I burned myself out in Gears 5. I decided some Horde would be fun as it’s the main thing I play Gears for.

However I noticed there have been some major changes since I last played. Some good. Some pretty bad - whether intentional or not.

To start with a positive I like the new class system so that’s good.

I also like that the ally system is more reasonable now. I used to grind out multiple Master maps and play tonnes of maps in between but only scraped tier 3 previously so we’ll done for this.

One of the other big changes I’ve noticed is you can only play Frenzy now (when queueing) and even then only on 3 difficulties. Master isn’t included in these unfortunately.

Whilst I understand that this means with fewer choices more people are likely to join your game, it also takes away some of the difficulties I used to enjoy, especially queueing for Master.

The daily maps are a nice touch. However when queueing for normal frenzy, the only map I can play is the daily map. I’m not sure if this is a bug or intentional. Of the past 30 or so games I’ve played between yesterday and today, 29 were Blood Drive and 1 was Reclaimed. This takes away all the fun of playing different maps when queueing.

Of course there will be those who say ‘just use the Custom feature’. This would be all well and good but 1 of 2 things usually happens. Either I create a game and no one joins, or I join a game and the host rage kicks people left and right.

I would rather not have to rely on the Custom games to enjoy myself

So in summary, whilst there have been good additions, Horde is for the most part ruined. I can’t queue for random maps. I can’t queue for Master. I don’t have the option to queue for normal Horde. Relying on Custom games is no good so we’ll done TC, you’ve ruined the one part of this game I loved.

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Eh … Well … I mean … theres always custom lobbies.


Horde is ruined but no in that way.
The custom games are a godsend but the gameplay is ruined.

  • Can’t scrap cards and put said scrap to desired cards
  • Elite drones
  • Missing enemies and weapons
  • Screwed ammo economy

Higher difficulties don’t necessarily need to be a cakewalk but 3.0 was a more balanced experience.

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Try this: the next time you play look for a few players you think are decent humans. Follow/friend them on Xbox then invite them to party. They may have friends too. Soon you will only play with reliable people. Personally, I choose nice civil people over skilled rude people as you can practice with the nice civil types and improve together.

Playing public is almost a different game from private custom lobbies.

There is also a looking for teammates section on this forum and another such feature on Xbox social.

Good luck!


Won’t even comment on the Elite Drones, but would you mind elaborating these 2 points?

Honestly don’t remember ever getting kicked from Horde and if I have it’s less than a handful of times. So you’re either using some extreme hyperbole or are probably doing something to deserve getting kicked because that’s basically the only time I see anyone get kicked…

Missing enemies-Shock & Incendiary poppers are absent in horde but are present in Campaign and select Hives. The same can be said about the Salvo Scions & Stumps. I would list the classic elite drones but for simplicity, I listed the enemies that are already in the game. Horde 4.0 desperately needs that variety.

Missing weapons- Boltoks, lancers, and retro lancers can’t be found “naturally” in Horde. I know they obtained from the Fabricator but that takes the fun out of things. Frag grenades are quite rare in this iteration of Horde since they can be found on poppers(permitting they don’t detonate the grenades) and only provide one grenade.

Screwed ammo economy- The default maximum ammo capacities seemed off from the start. 3 boomshot grenades, 4 dropshot drills, 20 Overkill shells, it seems like they copied and pasted the same tunings from MP. Enemies tend to drop 1 longshot/torque round, 4 gnasher shells, 2 overkill shells. Those amounts seem kinda poultry for the ammo you’re putting in to actually kill the enemies.

Yes, Perks, Cards, & Keegan’s Ultimate exists but this stuff was handled better in 3.0 balance-wise(acquiring said card is a different story).

Custom lobbies are where it’s at, always a good amount and mix of difficulties

Public searches was a random jackpot on who you got and whether they stayed. Especially on Master. I much prefer the custom lobby system to have fun.

I can understand the convenience behind it but you are leaving so much to chance when searching publicly.

Find a group of people who will play with you, it makes the mode much more fun.