Horde is nearly impossible to play

Any game you can find in horde mode, someone will leave, most commonly in the early game, but also in the mid game, i feel as though if you can join a horde game you should have the time to complete it, Honestly in gears 5 i hope to see quit penalties for horde, maybe not a suspension but something to keep players in a horde game.


Yeah and I’m here trying to play Horde to get Re Up 10 for Gilded Raam it’s really pissing me off how TC isn’t trying to do anything to stop it at all.


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I already got the achievement but I’ve been playing a lot of horde lately so add me if you need someone to play with. My tag is YUNGCUHH

Two things that TC should consider for GOW5:

(1) Allow for map voting - give players a choice of 3 potential maps.

(2) People sometimes quit because of the class composition in the lobby - e.g.: someone wants to play as the Sniper but someone else is already in that role, or no one wants to play as a particular class.

Two possible solutions:

(A) Allow players to change class mid Horde game. The first change is free, but subsequent changes cost power. This enables teams to adapt and to continue if someone playing a key class like Engineer or Scout leaves.

(B) Change the lobby system so that it’s semi public and private. A player will act as party leader creates the lobby and anyone can join (unlike private lobbies which are only accessible via friends or invites), but the party leader decides when the game starts so the countdown only starts whem they say - so there’s plenty of time to negotiate who plays as what class, organising cards etc. Also it would help to add the ability to see what skills other players have equiped (perhaps not the level, otherwise lower level players may find it hard to find games) both in the lobby and the game.



Agreed but also allow horde to be playable offline with everything unlocked just for fun.

only thing i dont like is the thing about the party leader being able to start the game and ONLY the leader since that seems like a potential grieving system i’d say once 3 players ready up start a 60 second countdown that should be enough for people to decide what they wanna be

It Is not near impossible it is impossible to play horde. And I don’t understand why people want to play that garbage.

Agree and the stupid thing is both options are avaliable in previous Gears, so the maths had already been done for TC. Surely Rod was aware!

xp bounties my man

Yes but if you don’t want people to quit, Xbox has this great system called “Looking for Group” and there’s a dedicated Gears of War HORDE club too…

I shouldn’t have to rely on my consoles features to play a game though, the game developers should be the ones keeping players in game, not the entire console company

You shouldn’t have to, but you can’t control gamers and their actions, blame them, not the devs. There IS a viable option, if you choose to ignore it then I don’t know what to say. Horde is not impossible, it’s extremely easy on casual, which is pretty much the polar opposite of saying it’s impossible. Use LFG, full groups always get the Long Hauler unless a rare exception causes someone to leave or your group is terrible.

Yeah, @killersloth733 the console thing is there for that exact reason of finding players if you want a good team. Don’t expect other players to hold up your standards when the game is starting to see a steady decline.

i’m going to expect people to stay in a game if they had the time to join it they should have the time to finish it.

Well don’t have such high and unrealistic expectations. I quit all the time if a member quits or if someone’s bad. If you want a GOOD team, don’t try to match make a team with such high expectations.

you’re part of the problem then lol

I mean I guess, but I only leave if one of those occur. You’re not gonna pull off a Hardcore run with three RU1 players. I don’t waste my time. Just use LFG if you want to push your high standards.