Horde is kicking

Ok for the past 3 days I cannot play horde. I can get in a lobby we start the game and I get kicked before the first wave starts. What is happening!!! I’m trying to level Up my Baird it’s at 17 now I can’t even stay in a match. I can play escape and versus but not horde now. It either tells me lost connection or cannot connect to gears of war services. The kicker is I can still talk to people in the party.

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No disrespect ,I’m one as well OP,getting kicked for no apparent reason,On horde,Truthfully,Yes it used to get to me, but now I don’t even bother to get frustrated,eventually I get games by random’s on custom games and I thoroughly enjoy it I get a game(s) to wave 50.but it takes me a while,to find games,since the update I’ve find games better,not always sometimes I have to go to dashboard and load up this game.