Horde is death is it so

Hello If you look at the last few weeks at Horde, Horde is dead to me. Classen devalued, opponents far too heavy and masterful and incredibly unplayable. How do you see it ?



Ah, yes. Another little one who doesn’t like a challenge.


I think it’s the best it’s been in this game although i didn’t really play it until the end of OP3 as my intial impressions of it at launch were that itwas the worst version of horde yet. As it stands now, it’s the best since Gears 3. In fact i’ve played this horde more than Gears 3’s though that was mostly due to an unhealthy addiction to Beast

On the rate occasion I play it, it seems to be in a good place, Not 2.0 standard obviously. But good. :wink: :+1:

Completely disagree with everything you said.


Horde is much better now than it was at the launch.
I didn’t like it at all before but I like playing it now.


Nah. Total hogwash. Horde and PVE generally is much better than it has been for a long time. Possibly even ever.


Definitely even ever.

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Horde has gotten harder because I’m not there to grace the lobbies with 100% clear rate
sorry I’ve been playing PSO NGS


Which game is that you are speaking of ?
(Ok I admit I’m still skeptical about all the Torque Shooters but now I’m used to it it doesn’t feel much harder anymore)

You should care more if those Palace Guards decide to pick up a heavy weapon or Boomshot. Or the Lancer ones.

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Horde is alive, with thousands of players per second and hundreds of full lobbies playing for fun (sarcasm)
Obviously the stupid artificial difficulty with a lot of scions that one shot you arbitrary isn’t a pleasure to play. Only tryhards loves It. Even when I finish the matches there’s only a feeling of disgusting.

I wonder how many arguments this has started between real-human players?

I mean, Player A goes to their weapon locker to find that their weapons are gone, and blames Players B and C. Turns out that gobshite Palace Guard has been sneakily taking them. :smiley:


Then why do you play? If this game makes you experience such strong feelings of hatred, resentment and disgust, why torture yourself?

I’m sure there are many other games that bring you happiness.

I don’t understand the logic.


Yeah until OP 4 is was boring as *** and with OP5 and all the Changes after it turned into the best Horde Mode so far IMO.

It’s far from perfect though but there is alot of replayability now with 19 Classes with diffrent Builds to it and 31 Maps to choose from.

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Press X to doubt

I haven’t had one steal a weapon from a locker, plenty tried to pick others up in front of me though. So far they always died picking it or I killed them before they killed me with it. If not I was not particularly affected by their weapon picking and hate the ridiculous Lancer aimbotting a lot more.

Still not as bad as all the stupid Boomshot Scions everywhere.

As a person who played the beta and this game since op 1 horde has dramatically changed over time. Back in Op 1 and 2, if you didn’t have a good JD you just got steamrolled by a sentinel or a overwhelmed by elite drones with their sniper claws.

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100% on target RumblyMonkey, @soldiermxdeath if you hate the game, play another, there are tons of them on the ultimate gamepass catalogue, Games are meant to be fun and if you’re not having fun playing, if you want to puke or stroke out during a rage moment, this is not the game for you.


Hes one of the many people who do nothing but whine about the game but still put more hours into it than most people who actually enjoy the game.

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