Horde is Broken

Insane and below usually are around the two hour mark, but that is also map dependent. Exhibit, District and Bunker in particular seem to take ages. In Gears 4 I found, with a full team, Incon matches would last 2 hours. On average, that is. In 5, it takes at least 2h30 for an Incon match and 3 for Master. Which is something I would want to see addressed along with the overly artificial difficulty of those two difficulty settings. They last too long for when you might not have as much time to spare in your day, and they are… not very interesting. Hardly allowing you freedom in what you do and skill builds for your character. And JD is just killing everything. Well, that’s more of an issue with this Horde.

But basically, if you’re not interested in sitting in your base 90% of the match afraid of getting your head shot off as soon as you poke your head out, the extra damage modifier on Insane and up or Master probably aren’t for you.


I think we should flat out remove the double dmg and health modifiers from the game. A lot of people seem to dislike the fact that on masters you can’t step outside of your base ever.

My proposed solution. Take out the double health+dmg. The swarm still gets dmg and health bonus as the waves progress. At least by removing those modifiers the first 20 to 30 waves tops we can step outside our base without fear of getting downed instantly. Then from 30 up we will have to turtle up in the base. Doesn’t solve the problem but at least we can change things up for the first half of the match.

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Agreed, A conditional 30% reduction from a card is nothing, especially for characters described as tanks. Similarly, the in-match perks are pointless at higher waves. Health should be 50%, easy, and several characters should have Mac’s ‘Tough’ skill card to boot.

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Im thinking more like 100%. Considering how fast we go down double health might not be asking for too much.

This certainly has merit but I feel as though the enemy stat scaling every 10 levels is too steep on every and all difficulties. Even without the basic modifiers you can get stomped if you’re not careful.

As I’ve said I like difficult, but not of the artificial, bloated stats variety. I’d rather see chainsaw wielding, frag throwing elites back or stronger/more bosses instead of superhero drones that can tank clips of ammo.

Edit: As for 100% health via perks, yeah. I would rather see longevity through skill cards adding health and DR, along with proper balancing of enemy damage output first, but even 50% would be tiny.

I miss the bolters. The guys running around with boltoks. And the boomshields


I can somewhat agree. In previous Gears games I’ve played horde just for the fun of it for months and months. Now I can already find myself thinking “what am I even doing?” midst an ongoing horde match. The joy and the thrill ain’t there like it’s been before.
I´ve played all difficultys in 5 and in previous releases and as it is for now, horde in 5 just dont feel as versatile and re-playable as before. I still play it and I hope that operation 2 with new maps and new characters can help me get my spirit and spark back.


Its lacking any spark…feels like a chore n no fun at moment🤔

Tonight playing horde on wave 50 we eliminated the Kestrel but then it started to spin and spin and spin and then eventually it spun off the map to which the game kicked us all out due to an error. This was on Foundation and why does horde have so many problems @the-coalition @TC_Octus

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Probably cause their not overly bothered about it.