Horde improvements you would make?

I mean I hope we get a Horde exclusive update so I wanted to see what kind of improvements would these forums make

  1. Make everyone be able to buy a weapons locker makes running solo’s much easier if you can build a weapons locker

  2. for the love is SERA add more ammo to the ammo crates

  3. give us the option if we get score boost cards to trade them for actual cards you use

Since the hero bit is not goin away, I guess I would like to see improvement with the bot AI, including depositing power.
Also, it would be nice if all characters could buy all weapons.

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  • Let all Executions with Grace trigger the GSD explosion.
  • Reduce the ~50% Breaker Mace durability penalty for simply being downed.
  • Fix the bug where the Mace entirely disappears sometimes when you are downed.
  • Allow Emile and Grace to consistently obtain the Mace, rather than relying on the chance for Wardens. Bring Mace wielding Drones in to the Horde mix.
  • Pilfer ammo should help restock all types of grenades, not just Shocks.
  • Compensate Escape characters for being unable to use their Venom cards in Horde.
  • Allow Lockered grenades to replenish to max capacity. Right now, they don’t restock at all.

I can’t think of other balance changes I want at this moment…

The perks and cards which go up by 1-2% per step get ignored… seriously…

The amount of energy / scrap to go from, say, 26% to 30% is stuuuuuuuuuuuupid, and the benefit no different than going from 10% to 14% which is dirt cheap…

I find that whole thing insanely stupid…

Also, per WEAPON cards? Really? Fukc off, TC… per CLASS of weapon, fine…
Example: JD capacity card includes boom, drop, torque, GL, and I guess salvo? But there is a damage card JUST FOR the GL, and just for the boom, but nothing for drop, torque, or salvo…

Even if you adopt the attitude they are trying to artificially increase the grind to nudge people towards buying boost, still doesn’t explain the lack of damage boost cards for some weapons.

Lack of damage cards for loadout weapons! Lizzy spawns in with a dropshot… BUT: she has no damage boost for it (and we all know how useless loadput weapons without boost damage cards are), AND she can’t even buy one from the fab…

The whole cards thing was NOT well thought out, IMO, both the card selection & the levels…

Ohh, and don’t get me started on stim!! WTF is that? Some cards talking about percentages, some about "HP"s, and some just about “points”… Huh?? What exactly is the point of 2 health points of stim???
When you get downed by a single shot from across the map??duh…


Dunno how it works with more than solo, but any power the AI picks up, goes to you automatically. I would assume that with more players that the power would just be divided up evenly.

The 2 hp of stim is there because, as I’ve read, all damage goes against stim first. Then characters hp.
Example. 500 incoming damage goes against the stim ENTIRELY, so it’s basically 2hp of stim negating all 50p damage. The next incoming damage goes accordingly.
I may be wrong. But that’s how I read and understood it.
With so few characters getting stim, and my lack of wanting to play insane, I can’t say how it works for sure.

The ability to scrap cards.
Heard the argument about TC thinking about introducing level 6 so not allowing scraping however this doesn’t seem to make sense…
If level 6 is introduced how many cards will they take ? 20?
The rate the decent cards drop at current rate might as well be 400… razor hail level 6 ?yesh sure with current drop rates .
Some skill cards are just useless and I’ve no intention of ever using them .
Epic score level 6 ? … can’t wsit !

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I get my cut. Their cut just sits there.

  • Let Jack reposition the ammo boxes for all maps

  • Gears 2 maps

  • Mini objectives like Gears 4

  • More Horde events (all Gears 5 horde events have been great so far)

  • More Ally XP for 1-50 completion

I could probably think of a bunch more (like bringing back Gears 2 weapons) but I’ll stop here :smile:

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You might not have noticed but for a while there jas been this adaptive power system which gives you more the less players/the more bots are on your team. So if you played solo(with or without bots) and picked up 5 power, you would get 25 power. Likewise, this seems to be the case when a bot picks it up. Just gives you 25 power.

Whereas previously you’d receive the base power value which would have been divided between the team even when solo and with bots, so you technically received less than you should have or would have with 5 players. As far as I can tell that no longer is the case due to what I mentioned above.

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Nice. I didn’t notice the change. Thanks.

Its odd that TC never communicated this change, because it has been really good for people playing solo or with one friend.


Hmm… you might have something there… I just read HP as being Health Points, you know, each character has 500 health points now in Versus (used to be 600, donno if they decreased PvE also). So adding TWO onto 500 seen med pointless…

BUT, it might be HIT POINTS! I tried to experiment today… on wave 40+ of beginner with my 2HP stim I was able to absorbe 2 sniper embar shors without taking ANY damage… so I am thinking you are right, and also HP stands for Hit Points… So 2HP stim means the stim eats your first 2 hits!

Also a single bullet from an enforcer doesn’t seem to count as a HP (makes sense), a burst of them seens to equal a HP…

This makes Lizzy’s stim AND the cog hears head shots stim card faaar more useful than I originally gave it credit for…

Just the fact TC has made all these cards and mechanics so complicated takes away the fun… Gears weapons shouldn’t be that hard to figure out, and certainly shouldn’t be worthless unless you run a damage card. Try using a plain lancer on a Matriarch and see how well that goes. Gears 3 is to me by far the best version of Horde and we didn’t have this mess to deal with. All the weapons were effective and the players were equal.


I find the lack of ability to HAVE stim most of the time a huge waste of the cards. Some of the ways to gain it are ridiculous. Use the snub… kait gets it for executions… too few able to get it at all and even fewer able to confer it to others, makes it almost pointless IMO.
Especially when it never tells you the radius of effect for gaining… like Marcus’ living legend, well just how far does it extend… it should be to all 5 people regardless, since it doesn’t last long.

They did tell us…

Did I miss it in one of the patch notes?

Im pretty sure they told us on a previous “whats up” quite a while ago…i may be mistaken…

I have been looking and can’t find it, unless that was what was meant with “power no longer shared with AI teammates” which I thought read like you can’t accidentally give AI power instead of a teammate (as its possible to mistake them for COG Gear, or they could run in your way).

If that was meant to be the extra power based on having less players, it is a really odd way to explain it.

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They seem to really think that making something more convoluted and complicated makes that thing better, more tactical, and, wait, what was that word they were so addicted to using before getting ridiculed for it? Ahh, yes, DEEPER…

Witness changes to escalation & horde… No one wanted them, no one asked for them, most people don’t like them… It’s like, WTF was TC thinking?

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